Undergraduate students and faculty work on collaborative projects
Undergraduate students and faculty work on collaborative projects

The following equipment are major components of the Microwave Electromagnetics Laboratory at Villanova University under the direction of Dr. Robert Caverly. The laboratory is housed in the Center of Engineering Education and Research (CEER). In addition to the major equipment listed below, there are a variety of coaxial adapters and
other ancillary hardware for microstrip, coaxial and waveguide measurements up to Ku band.

  • HP 8510B - 0.5-18 GHz network analyzer with HP 8514A S-parameter test set
  • HP 8350D - 20 GHz sweep oscillator (4 units)
  • HP 5350B - microwave frequency counter (2 units)
  • HP 437B - microwave power meter (6 units)
  • HP 83630A - 26 GHz sweep oscillator
  • HP 83620A - 20 GHz oscillator
  • HP 8620C - sweep oscillator (one 12-18 GHz, one 8-18 GHz)
  • HP 8970A - noise figure meter
  • HP 6653A - 0-35V/0-15A DC power supply
  • HP 6675A - 0-120V/0-18A DC power supply
  • HP 4142B - DC source and monitor
  • HP 4280A - 1 MHz capacitance-voltage meter
  • HP 4284A - LCR meter
  • HP-4291B - 1-1800 MHz automated impedance analyzer
  • AR 5S1G4 – 5 Watt 0.8 – 4.2 GHz wideband power amplifier
  • Tektronix 492 - 0.01-18 GHz spectrum analyzer
  • LPKF S62 - automated PC board milling machine
  • Cascade Microtech RF probe station with 3 RF probes, 2 DC probes, RF calibration substrates
  • PC version of Ansoft Designer, HP-VEE, HFSS, CST Microwave Studio, SPICE (includes Tanner, LT, and P-Spice versions)
  • Sun workstation with ASITIC and CAD layout (includes Mentor Graphics, LASI, Magic, and Electric) installed