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Project Selection

Each year, ES2 university partners select from project proposals submitted by industry members. Priority is given to projects that will further the objectives of ES2 and its Industrial Advisory Board member companies.


Current Research Projects

Thermodynamic Tools for Holistic Analysis and Optimization of Energy Efficient Data Centers
: Villanova University
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Energy-Aware Scheduling of Linux Servers and Synergistic Management of Workload, IT Equipment and Cooling System
: Binghampton Univesity
The development of job and temperature-conscious scheduling techniques at the server and rack level are essential for the predictive and synergistic management of servers and the cooling system.
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Compact Models for Rapid Thermal Modeling of Data Centers: Phase 2
This project will explore the extension of proper orthogonal decomposition-based modeling of contained aisle facilities, as well as models of new passive and active tiles for improved air delivery.
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Maximizing Use of Efficient Air-Side Economization in Modular, Large Data Centers and Datacom Housing Units
: University of Texas, Arlington
Variations in outside air temperature, humidity and gaseous and particulate contamination levels pose challenges in determining when to use or not to use air-side economization for cooling electronics.
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Models and Metrics for Dynamic Air and Hybrid Liquid Cooled Data Centers Based on Computational and Experimental Approaches
: Villanova University; Partner: Binghampton

Waste Heat Recovery and Reuse from Datacenters
: Villanova University
Comprehensively analyze and optimize two key methods of waste heat recovery, and produce validated computer models for use in analyzing the potential benefits, choosing the best system, and calculating and optimizing the return on investment.
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Computational and Experimental Models in Design of Dynamic, Energy-Efficient Cooling Solutions for Very High Power Data Centers
To optimize energy consumption of the cooling infrastructure it is imperative that a detailed understanding of the microprocessor architecture, electronic packaging and control systems be integrated together to produce a robust solution.

Energy-Aware Virtualization for Data Centers
This project focuses on the development of software infrastructures that implement smart consolidation to also enhance the energy-efficiency of servers by operating as few servers as possible near their peak loading regions.

Impacts of Particulate and Gaseous Contamination on IT Equipment Where Air-Side Economizers are Implemented
Determine the negative impact of particulate and gaseous contamination on IT equipment where air-side economizers are implemented.

Center for Energy-Smart Electronic Systems

Villanova ES2 Team Areas of Expertise
Thermal management
Electronics cooling
Fluid mechanics
Convective heat transfer
Sustainable energy technology
Multiscale systems
Computational fluid dynamics


Director: Dr. Aaron Wemhoff, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

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