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Acoustics and Ultrasound Lab (AUL)

Acoustics and Ultrasound Lab (AUL)

The Acoustics and Ultrasound Lab (AUL) was established in 2010 by external research funds from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Office of Naval Research (ONR). The Lab currently supports several research activities, specifically those sponsored by the NSF Partnership for Innovation (PFI) program in the area of acoustics and ultrasound technologies. The main objective of the AUL, is to conduct experimentations and obtain measurements that would aid in proof of concept in ultrasound imaging, image analysis, and acoustic signal processing. Data collected at the AUL allows validation of newly devised as well as existing ultrasound imaging algorithms and acoustic signature detection and classification. In essence, the AUL focuses on developing and utilizing emerging signal processing techniques to address key problems in biomedical ultrasound, nondestructive evaluation, and structural health monitoring. It promotes acoustic and ultrasound education on the cross-disciplinary use of acoustic technologies in electrical, mechanical and civil engineering practices. In particular, the AUL facilities support the multidisciplinary Acoustic Technologies for Industrial Testing course offered for freshmen engineering students.

The AUL is currently undertaking research projects in ultrasound Time-Reversal processing for improved imaging and detection, multiple-input multiple output (MIMO) sensor array beamforming, ultrasound multipath exploitation, ultrasound image analysis, and structural health monitoring.


Area of Expertise

• Ultrasound Imaging & Beamforming
• Time-Reversal Detection & Imaging
• Ultrasound Multipath Exploitation
• Ultrasound Image Analysis
• Acoustic Signal Processing


  • Mistras 8-Channel Acousto/Ultrasonics Data Acquisition System & Waveform Generator
  • Polytec Doppler Vibrometer System
  • Agilent Signal Analyzer, 4 Channel
  • Agilent 80 MHz Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • Olympus Broadband General Purpose Ultrasonic Pulser/Receiver 35MHz
  • National Instrument PXI-5412 100 MS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator System
  • National Instrument PXI-5105 100 MS/s Data Acquisition System
  • Geotech Infrasound Sensor System

Research Video

Exploring the use of radar imaging for monitoring the elderly living alone.

Contact Us

Dr. Moeness Amin
Center for Advanced Communications
Phone: 610-519-4263

Janice J. Moughan
Center Coordinator
Center for Advanced Communications
Phone: 610-519-4599

Address: 800 Lancaster Ave
Villanova University
Villanova, PA 19085

Research Activities

Research emphases of the Center for Advanced Communications encompass several aspects of advances in broadband wireless communications and RF acoustic sensing, and imaging. Some research activities include:

Acoustics and Ultrasound Lab (AUL)