New Structural Engineering Teaching and Research Laboratory

The Structural Engineering Teaching and Research Laboratory, opened in June 2005, is a key facility to advance the College of Engineering’s innovative undergraduate curriculum integrating teaching and research. The scope and impact of undergraduate, graduate and faculty research is expanded through interdisciplinary studies on structural materials and structural systems made possible through this state-of-the-art laboratory.

Features of the Laboratory

  • A heavily reinforced 5,000 sq. ft. concrete slab to test full-scale structural members under static and dynamic loads.
  • A two-story reaction wall to conduct lateral load testing.
  • A 25-ton overhead crane.
  • A 50ft. x 100ft. strong floor with metal embedded plates and sleeves on a 2x2 foot pattern.
  • An environmental room designed to go from +100º F to 0º F within 12 hours.
  • A wet room designed to maintain 100% relative humidity and a constant temperature of 73º F.
  • A material testing room containing hydraulic equipment and a concrete cylinder crusher. 

For More Information

The College of Engineering welcomes the opportunity to explore collaborative initiatives with external partners. For more information, please contact: Dean's Office, College of Engineering, 610-519-4940.