Geology and Measurements Lab

Geology and Measurements Lab

Director: Andrea Welker, PhD, Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Focus: Primarily a teaching facility for the study of both geology and geotechnical engineering.

Students Learn:

  • Interpretation and drawing of topographic maps and cross sections
  • Introduction to the use of engineering transits
  • Interpretation of stereographic aerial photographs
  • Construction of a model truss
  • Highway route alignment
  • Identification of minerals and rocks
  • Interpretation of seismograms
  • Landform interpretation from topographic maps and stereographic aerial photographs

Facility Highlights:

  • Collections of minerals and rock specimens
  • Topographic maps
  • Geologic maps
  • Aerial photographs
  • Photographic slides
  • Reference materials


Dr. Andrea Welker, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering