Welcome to all students, distance learners and in-class.

In this course, every class will be archived to the web so that anyone in the class may access it at anytime during the semester.  There is also a live web broadcast of each lecture that will allow the distance learning students to view and interact with the class from anywhere they want, as long as they have a broadband internet connection.

Your portal to the class will be Villanova's Blackboard system, Click the link directly below to access BlackBoard.


Use the "Login" feature to enter your Villanova email username and password.  When you login, you will see a complete list of all the classes you are registered for.  If you cannot login, please dial 610-519-7777 (option 3) and they will help you out. 

When you successfully login into your class, you will find the a link marked, "Content Hompage", Then Click "Course Videos and Notes", the recorded lectures and notes files can be accessed from here, Click the Title of the lecture you wish to view to watch the live or previously recorded streaming version of the lecture, or click the, "Links" button below each lecture to access the notes and click the word "download" to access a downloadable version of the lecture recording.  Please note that the DATE of the lecture you are selecting to view has elapsed and thus the class has been recorded.

The first time you attempt to view a Lecture Video you will be prompted to install Microsoft Silver light Player Software, click the link to do so, which will be on the screen.

During a live class, anyone watching on the web can use the "ASK" button on your player to send a question directly to the professor.  Your message will be displayed for the professor to see your question, He/ She may choose not to answer your question depending on their teaching style, but most professors usually will.  You will also have the ability to call over the phone directly to the live class depending on the classroom.  The classroom call in phone numbers can be found by looking the Troubleshooting and Class Interaction Manual link below, or click the link posted here below to access the Manual:

E-Learning information manual, click this link

During a Live Stream, if any errors occur, press F5 on your keyboard to refresh your browser, this usually fixes any streaming errors.

Please do not use the class phone for technical problems.  Use the tech support phone numbers or emails at the end of this email.

Distance students: If you are registered as a distance student there may not be space in the class room; however, often there is.  If you are interested in attending the class in person, please contact the instructor to see if there is space available.

For full access to the Engineering network computers, use the terminal services.  This can be accessed by following these simple steps or click the link below:


1. on your PC got to Accessories
2. click on Remote Desktop Connection
3. in the computer field type ts.engineering.villanova.edu<http://ts.engineering.villanova.edu>
4. click the button marked options at the bottom left of the pop up
5. username: vuad\your user name
6. click connect

When finished make sure to LOG OFF the connection by clicking start, LOG OFF next to the padlock Icon at the bottom, Please do not X out of the connection.

Finally, if you need to send materials and/or quizzes by fax, the ATTACHED fax solution sheet should be used for ALL materials.  The number is on the sheet to fax in to.  

In order to facilitate the timely arrival of all FAX items sent by students and faculty through our program you must complete entirely all portions of the attached FAX cover sheet.  This will enable us to efficiently facilitate the delivery of your items.

Without completion of all fields on the form, we cannot guarantee its transmission to the appropriate destination.

If you have any questions about the delivery of the class, technical problems, or general questions please contact Jeff Schwarz or John Brogan using the following information.

Jeff Schwarz, Director of E-Learning, College of Engineering
610-519-8083 or 484-868-4245

John Brogan, Manager of E-Learning, College of Engineering
610-519-5670 or 610-764-8724

We hope this will be an enjoyable class for you. 


Jeff Schwarz
Director of E-Learning
Villanova UniversityCollege of Engineering