PhD Student Profiles

Sean Coffey

Sean Coffey

Hometown: West Long Branch, NJ

Undergraduate Degree: Civil and Environmental Engineering, Rowan University

PhD Concentration: Transportation Engineering

Research focus: Part-Time Shoulder Use

Andrew Golato

Andrew Golato

Hometown: Springfield, PA

Undergraduate Degree: Physics, Haverford College

PhD Concentration: Mechanical Engineering

Research focus: Sparsity-Based Flaw Detection and Localization in Structural Health Monitoring

Christopher Mansour

Christopher Mansour

Hometown: Aitanit, Lebanon

Undergraduate Degree: Computer and Communications Engineering,  American University of Science and Technology

PhD Concentration: Computer Engineering

Research focus: Software Defined Networks; Networked Embedded Systems Security; Internet of Things

Facts about Chris: Co-Founded the CEER Grad Club and served as Vice President. Won COE Outstanding Graduate Student Award for Computer Engineering in 2014

Tamara Lozano

Tamara Lozano

Hometown: Madrid, Spain

Undergraduate Degree: Chemical Engineering, Complutense University of Madrid

PhD Concentration: Chemical Engineering

Research focus: Computational modeling of catalysis

Yue Schuman

Yue Schuman

Hometown: Nanjing, China

Undergraduate Degree: Chemical Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology

PhD Concentration: Materials Science in Mechanical Engineering

Research focus: Materials development and characterization on materials ranging from nanoparticle thin films to graphene and graphene-based phase change material composites.

Study crystal structures, mechanical and thermal properties of different types of materials.

Devon Zimmerman

Devon Zimmerman

Hometown: Hegins, PA

Undergraduate Degree: Biochemistry, West Chester University

PhD Concentration: Biochemical Engineering

Research focus: Gene and cell therapies

Officer in the newly formed Philadelphia-area Biochemical Technology graduate student chapter, winner of the Sigma Xi Poster Symposium for “Epigenetic Enhancement of Gene Therapy