PhD Student Profiles

Sean Coffey

Sean Coffey

Hometown: West Long Branch, NJ

Undergraduate Degree: Civil and Environmental Engineering, Rowan University

PhD Concentration: Transportation Engineering

Research focus: Part-Time Shoulder Use

Andrew Golato

Andrew Golato

Hometown: Springfield, PA

Undergraduate Degree: Physics, Haverford College

PhD Concentration: Mechanical Engineering

Research focus: Sparsity-Based Flaw Detection and Localization in Structural Health Monitoring

Christopher Mansour

Christopher Mansour

Hometown: Aitanit, Lebanon

Undergraduate Degree: Computer and Communications Engineering,  American University of Science and Technology

PhD Concentration: Computer Engineering

Research focus: Software Defined Networks; Networked Embedded Systems Security; Internet of Things

Facts about Chris: Co-Founded the CEER Grad Club and served as Vice President. Won COE Outstanding Graduate Student Award for Computer Engineering in 2014

Tamara Lozano

Tamara Lozano

Hometown: Madrid, Spain

Undergraduate Degree: Chemical Engineering, Complutense University of Madrid

PhD Concentration: Chemical Engineering

Research focus: Computational modeling of catalysis

Yue Schuman

Yue Schuman

Hometown: Nanjing, China

Undergraduate Degree: Chemical Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology

PhD Concentration: Materials Science in Mechanical Engineering

Research focus: Materials development and characterization on materials ranging from nanoparticle thin films to graphene and graphene-based phase change material composites.

Study crystal structures, mechanical and thermal properties of different types of materials.

Devon Zimmerman

Devon Zimmerman

Hometown: Hegins, PA

Undergraduate Degree: Biochemistry, West Chester University

PhD Concentration: Biochemical Engineering

Research focus: Gene and cell therapies

Officer in the newly formed Philadelphia-area Biochemical Technology graduate student chapter, winner of the Sigma Xi Poster Symposium for “Epigenetic Enhancement of Gene Therapy

PhD Checklist

  1. Identify and Contact a Faculty Member about Willingness to be Advisor
  2. Admission / Seek Financial Aid (if desired)
  3. Read the Ph.D. Handbook / Ph.D. Program Checklist
  4. File Plan of Study
  5. Begin Formal Classes
  6. Pass Qualifying Exams
  7. Form Advising Committee
  8. Pass Comprehensive Examination and Advancement of Candidacy
  9. Dissertation Oral Defense
  10. Final Dissertation Submission