Teaching Engineering in Higher Education Certificate Program

The Villanova College of Engineering offers an optional certificate program “Teaching Engineering in Higher Education” specifically for doctoral students who intend to pursue academic careers. As a University well recognized for excellence in undergraduate education, instruction in “Teaching Engineering” for our PhD students complements strengths and differentiators we have identified. This program allows our students to learn and practice state of the art pedagogical methods and develop skills which start them along the path towards teaching excellence, and allows them to enter the academic workforce prepared to excel in both teaching and research.

Two Required Courses

EGR 9200: Teaching Engineering in Higher Education (One-credit, pass/fail course)

Students will meet for three hours each week to learn basic higher education pedagogy, learning theories and active learning strategies for a variety of classroom settings. Students learn how to handle in-class discussions, student teamwork, course design, assessment strategies and effective technology use. These concepts are practiced during class time in groups of small students. 

EGR 9220: Teaching Engineering in Higher Education Practicum (One-credit, pass/fail course)

Students will be paired with one of the College’s “Master Teachers” as identified by the Department  Chairs, preferentially in their home department. This professor serves as the student’s mentor for the semester. The student attends all the mentor’s class sessions and observes the professor’s teaching style. The mentor and student have weekly meetings to review the course progress and instructional methods. Late in the semester, the student is allowed to teach the course up to three times under supervision from the mentor. One of these sessions must include the collection and evaluation of student feedback and is reviewed by the faculty member. In addition to the teaching mentorship, students meet three hours weekly with the course instructor to prepare for the academic job search process. Assignments include preparing a job search dossier, and practicing interview skills.

Upon successful completion of both courses the student is awarded an official certificate in Teaching Engineering in Higher Education.


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