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Nonlinear Dynamics and Control Certificate

The College of Engineering offers a certificate program in Nonlinear Dynamics and Control, administered jointly by the Chemical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering Departments. It includes a concentrated study of modern principles with both breadth and depth of coverage being emphasized. The research program at the Center for Nonlinear Dynamics & Control (CENDAC) serves to complement the course.

The certificate program is open to all individuals who possess a Bachelor's degree in either Engineering or some related field. Applications for admission are assessed on the basis of undergraduate record and related work experience.


Requirements for the Certificate

The Nonlinear Dynamics and Control Certificate is awarded upon satisfactory completion of four courses:


Electives (Choose three):

Nonlinear Dynamics and Control Courses (Up to three courses may be chosen):

Graduate Level Mathematics Course (One may be chosen):

Graduate Level Control or Optimization Course (One may be chosen):

Special Related Topics Course (One may be chosen):ChE, ECE, or ME Departments

Contact Us

For more information about certificate programs, contact the College of Engineering at 610-519-6723, or email