Frequently Asked Questions

How much is each course?

Tuition and fees can be found on this web site. Payment for each course is due at the time of registration. Online E-Payment is available on the Bursar's website. Part-time students receiving tuition reimbursement or direct payment through their company may contact the Bursar's Office to arrange for direct billing (if applicable) to their company. Full-time Master’s and Ph.D. students may apply for funding through their department or the Financial Aid Office.

There is no price distinction between on campus and distance education courses in the College of Engineering, as well as no transcript or degree distinction.

How do I get information regarding graduate Admission concerns, application status and tuition waivers?
You can email the Office of Graduate Engineering Programs or stop by the office located on the 3rd Floor of CEER, 302A.

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How much importance is given to the applicant’s undergraduate school?

All applicants to graduate programs in the College of Engineering must possess a bachelor’s degree. For those applicants who hold a degree from a U.S. college or university, the school must be a regionally or nationally accredited institution of higher education. For applicants who hold a foreign degree, the undergraduate university should be well-known and reputable. Our reviewing committee is familiar with most foreign schools.

The normal credential for admission into a specific engineering graduate degree program is an undergraduate degree in the field of engineering that corresponds to the graduate degree awarded by that program. This bachelor’s degree should be from an undergraduate engineering program that is accredited by the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET).

Prospective students may apply to any graduate program even though they hold a bachelor’s degree in a different engineering discipline, a related scientific or technical field, a non-technical area, or an engineering degree from an undergraduate program not accredited by ABET. If admitted, such students will be required to take specified undergraduate courses in order to make up any deficiencies in their undergraduate preparation for graduate studies in that particular program. The number and type of undergraduate courses specified will depend on the graduate degree sought and will be in addition to the graduate courses required for that degree.

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What are the primary criteria used to evaluate the academic potential of the applicant for admission?

  • The collegiate scholastic record in terms of the quality and consistency of performance and the difficulty of the curriculum;
  • The final undergraduate cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA), which should normally be 3.0 or better;
  • Required Applicant Rating Forms (recommendations), submitted from employers who know the candidate sufficiently to assess academic potential but at least one must be from professors who have taught the candidate in at least one course;
  • Scores earned on standardized tests such as the GRE (General Test) or TOEFL, if required/submitted.

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What is the minimum undergraduate GPA required for admission?

A minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 is generally required for admission.

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Can I take a graduate course without being admitted to a graduate program?

Yes, through our Individual Course Program, students can apply to enroll in up to two (2) graduate courses without applying to a graduate program.

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What is the minimum undergraduate percentage required for admission for foreign students from schools with percentage systems?

The minimum undergraduate percentage required for admission is approximately 70% or first class with distinction from a recognized foreign school. The required percentage may vary based on the quality of school and the department to which you are applying.

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Are GRE scores required for all applicants?

GRE scores are required for all applicants with foreign undergraduate universities and all Ph.D. candidates. GRE scores are not required for Master’s degree or certificate program applicants with an ABET accredited U.S. undergraduate university. In some cases, a GRE score may be requested to supplement the required application materials for borderline applications and students requesting departmental financial aid.

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What are the minimum GRE scores required for admission for foreign students and Ph.D. applicants?

The minimum GRE score required for students with a foreign undergraduate university varies by department. Please visit our Departmental Admission Requirements webpage for score requirements by program.

The minimum GRE quantitative score required for PhD applicants is 155.

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What is the minimum TOEFL / IELTS score required?

If the native language of the applicant is not English, a minimum score of 80 (internet based test) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required. The minimum IELTS acceptable score is 7.

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Is financial aid available through the College of Engineering?

Financial aid is available to qualified accepted full-time students, in the form of tuition scholarships, graduate assistantships, and research assistantships. The amount of financial aid available varies each semester. Applicants applying for financial aid should mark the appropriate box on their application and submit their complete application package by the stated deadline. For further information, please contact your department you are applying for or a faculty member in your research area. Applications will be considered for aid once they are accepted into a program.

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Is financial aid available through other sources?

The Villanova University Office of Financial Assistance is committed to making our high-quality education affordable for each and every student. Please visit their website for further information on available aid programs.

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For foreign applications, is a student who sends bank documentation given preference in regards to an admission decision?

The financial documentation is required by the University to verify a foreign student is capable of paying for tuition and expenses when they are not supported by the department. The financial documentation does not influence the admission decision. Foreign students who are not supported will only be sent an I-20 after they have submitted the financial documentation

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Is Housing Available?

Graduate students are not eligible for on campus housing unless they are a Resident Advisor in an undergraduate student dorm.

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Is there a tuition payment plan?

The University normally requires payment at the time of registration. Students may register for a tuition payment plan through Tuition Management Systems. Online E-Payment is also available. For further information please contact the Bursar's Office at (610) 519-4258.

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