INNOVATE: The L3Harris Summer Program  



INNOVATE: The L3Harris Summer Program is a partnership program of Villanova University’s College of Engineering and L3Harris Technologies. INNOVATE provides student teams the opportunity to develop innovative solutions to unmet societal or technical challenges:

  • Student teams manage all aspects of their projects—from problem statement and initial design concept through prototyping.
  • Student teams own any Intellectual Property they create during their INNOVATE residency.
  • Teams deliver final presentations to representatives of L3Harris Technologies at the company’s headquarters in Melbourne, Florida.
  • While in Florida, students will have the opportunity to participate in mock interviews, which may lead to an internship or full time employment offer with L3Harris Technologies.


  • Two-month INNOVATE residency: June 1st – July 31st
  • Stipend: $3,500/per student (stipend is taxable)
  • Free room and board on Villanova’s campus
  • Project budget of $2,500 per team
  • Access to faculty, labs and facilities

How to Apply

INNOVATE is open to all undergraduate engineering students and computer science majors. Students form their own four-person teams which are multidisciplinary in nature. In other words, teams include members from two or more academic majors or disciplines. Teams are responsible for recruiting a Villanova faculty member to serve as their advisor. Finally, teams are required to submit an online pre-proposal and final proposal in order to be considered for entry into INNOVATE. It is through a competitive proposal process that four teams are ultimately selected to participate in INNOVATE.

To apply…

Step 1: Identify the Humanitarian or Technological Problem You Want to Solve
Step 2: Form Your Team and Recruit a Faculty Advisor
Step 3: Submit Your Pre-proposal
Step 4: Incorporate INNOVATE Review Committee Feedback and Submit Your Final Proposal

Proposal Elements

Problem Statement: What humanitarian problem or technological need does your team seek to address? Why is it important to society to address this problem? (max 250 words)

State of the Art: Summarize existing solutions to this problem, if any? (max 150 words)

Proposed Design Solution: What technical solution does your team propose to design and build? (max 150 words)

Key Objectives: What are the key objectives or features of your proposed solution? (max 150 words)

Team Expertise: Summarize your team members’ areas of expertise. Why is your team qualified to undertake this project? (max 150 words)

Resource Requirements: What physical resources will your team need to complete this project? (max 150 words)

INNOVATE: The L3Harris Summer Program


Pre-Proposals due Friday, February 7, 2020.

Final Proposals due Friday, February 21, 2020.

Final Selections made by Friday, March 6, 2020.

Email INNOVATE Director