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International Service Project - Madagascar

Madagascar, Catholic Relief Services

This partnership with Catholic Relief Services is dedicated to water supply needs in the island country of Madagascar. With the help of a USAID grant, the following projects have been completed to date:

82,000 people have been given sustainable access to water thanks to 24 gravity-driven water networks

  • 24 gravity-driven water networks (providing 82,000 people with sustainable access to water)
  • 239 functioning hand pumps
  • 17,858 household latrines
  • 105 villages have been ODF certified (Open Defecation Free)
  • 10 community water & sanitation business plans
Madagascar, Catholic Relief Services
Madagascar, Catholic Relief Services

The collaboration also has resulted in:

  • Graduate research (research fellowships) on sustainable development
  • Technical briefs to document best practices
  • Faculty field visits
  • Technical assistance on the design of water supply infrastructure
  • Service learning courses
  • Summer internships
  • Capacity building to meet sustainability goals.
  • Workshops and seminars