The Kern Family Foundation and KEEN


In 2007, The Kern Family Foundation presented Villanova University College of Engineering with its first grant to support implementation of the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN) initiative at Villanova. Since then, the Foundation has donated more than $1.8 million to encourage entrepreneurially minded learning at Villanova.

2016: A $743,160 grant supports continued entrepreneurial advances, including faculty training workshops so that more than half of the College’s faculty can implement EML exercises in their courses; a second generation of the engineering entrepreneurship minor program to allow student customization to meet discipline-specific needs; and development of a summer version of the engineering entrepreneurship minor program

2014: A $439,000 grant supports the College’s goal of introducing all engineering students to entrepreneurially minded learning at the University, in KEEN, and beyond.

2011: A $625,000 grant provides students with access to new intrapreneurship development and intercollegiate entrepreneurship opportunities.

2007: The Foundation grants the College $50,000 to implement the Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network (KEEN) initiative at Villanova.


Edmond Dougherty ’69 EE, ’86 MSCS

Edmond Dougherty ’69 EE, ’86 MSCS
Director, Engineering Entrepreneurship

An experienced entrepreneur, Dougherty was lead developer of the Emmy Award-winning Skycam, which is used in the NFL, NBA, and NHL; BestShot, a system used in televised boxing events; LaserScore, an automatic-scoring, steel-tipped dartboard; Wavecam, the next-generation aerial camera system for sports and entertainment; and Stereovision Telepresence Systems, which the Navy uses to perform remote tasks.

Dougherty has also been published on, and in Entrepreneur Magazine and Reader’s Digest.