Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Villanova Mechanical Engineering undergraduates enjoy hands on experiences in the latest technologies.

While all undergraduates in the Department of Mechanical Engineering learn the foundational science in each of the areas below, students in their junior year can choose an official concentration that will appear on their transcript:

  • Dynamics and Controls (e.g., autonomous vehicles, robotics and mechatronics)
  • Mechanics and Materials (e.g., structures, machinery, manufacturing, biomechanics, deformation and stress analysis)
  • Thermal Fluids Systems (e.g., solar power, energy, piping systems, fuel cells)

All Mechanical Engineering seniors complete a two-semester capstone design experience. Many of these projects are industry-sponsored, while others are based on international service learning projects. Research opportunities are available for a selected number of students, both during the academic year, and over summers.

Recent undergraduate projects include:

  • Lap time simulator for motorsport applications
  • Hybrid-electric system for AWD Christini Technologies’ fatbike
  • 3-D underwater mapping with stereo sonar
  • Unexploded ordnance remediation robot for Cambodia
  • Water technology for Madagascar

More information about the Mechanical Engineering program:


B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering