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Resources for Prospective Students

This page has been developed to provide you with categorized, important and useful information concerning academic and non-academic issues within the College of Engineering. 

Need more information? See these FAQs for Prospective Undergraduate Students and Parents

What are the average SAT and ACT scores for an engineering major?

The middle 50% of our current freshmen scored between 670 and 740 on math, between 610 and 690 on reading, and between 590 and 700 on writing. On the ACT, in the 75th to 25th percentile, Math range was 33 to 29 and Composite range was 33 to 30.  

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Is it possible to change my major after I’m accepted?

To be fair to those who have applied to Engineering as high school students and were not accepted, we regret that we cannot accept a student who was accepted by another College and wants to transfer immediately to Engineering upon entering campus in August. Since the acceptance criteria for each College differ, all of us recognize a possible unfair advantage to this. Most importantly, there is not enough time for Engineering to consider the application and work through the acceptance process without rushing to judgment.

Students in this situation can apply to Engineering as an internal transfer student before December 1st.

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Are interviews part of the admission process for Engineering?

No, interviews are not part of the admission process but if you'd like to speak to a representative from the College or specific department, contact Gayle Doyle.

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Can I get credit for college courses I took while I was in high school?

Please view the College of Engineering Policy for all credits awarded for clarification and details on obtaining credit, if allowed.

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Can I get an undergraduate degree completely online?

No. Distance Education is available for some graduate-level Engineering courses but you cannot get a degree solely online. 

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Is there a part-time undergraduate degree program?

No, we do not offer a part-time undergraduate degree program. You must apply to and be accepted into an undergraduate degree program to major in Engineering.

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Is tutoring available?

Free tutoring is provided by upper class Engineering students and is available through the Dean of Engineering office as well as the Engineering honor societies. 

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What about computers?

All freshman Engineering students are required to bring their own laptop for use with the Engineering curriculum. Details on these requirements can be found here on the UNIT website. The College also provides three computing labs, reserved exclusively for Engineering student use, available on a 24/7 basis.

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Is career guidance available to students?

As part of Villanova’s comprehensive undergraduate Engineering program, students will learn not only the technical skills expected of every engineer, but also the professional skills needed to succeed in any career. Career Compass is a required professional development program that appears on student transcripts. It works in partnership with the University’s Career Center, which offers a range of services.

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Do Engineering students participate in athletics and other organizations?

While the Engineering curriculum is rigorous, it is definitely possible to participate in varsity sports or extra-curricular activities. Engineering students are integral members of the University community and are involved in a range of activities, including athletics, performing arts, ROTC, community service and many more. Approximately 5% of Engineering students are on a varsity team, and many more participate in intramural and club sports. Athletics works with students to ensure that they fulfill curriculum requirements. Additionally, the Office of Academic Support for Athletics works with student-athletes regarding NCAA eligibility requirements, mentoring, tutoring, and study halls. The College of Engineering and Academic Support work together to make sure students’ unique needs are met.

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Do Engineering students have the opportunity to study abroad?

Engineering students do have the opportunity to study abroad, and to facilitate those opportunities, the Office of International Studies offers information sessions four days a week, twice a day, so there are plenty of opportunities to get information about studying abroad. Students who are interested in studying abroad should speak with their advisers as soon as possible, to map out what courses they must take at Villanova, and what courses they could take abroad.

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What is the average class size for introduction courses?

The student-faculty ratio is 13:1, and the largest courses are the freshmen lecture classes. In spring 2018, the average class size for Calculus II was 26. Physics I-Mechanics had an average class size of 23. In EGR 1200, the freshman Engineering course, lectures averaged 53 students, but the average for the project portion of the course was 22. All classes are taught by faculty members, not teaching assistants.

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