Master’s in Electrical Engineering: Degree Requirements


  • A minimum of 30 earned semester credits (10 courses) of graduate work is required
  • At least 21 course credits and up to 9 credits of research
  • The Concentration degree program must be in accordance with the policies above
  • Electrical engineering courses must be chosen from the MSEE course offering list, however the required elective course may come from the Department of Computer Engineering, Computer Science or other appropriate programs
  • Students may elect to choose the thesis or non-thesis option. Before applying for the thesis option, students must complete ECE 9030 in preparation. The application also requires the submission of a written research proposal and recommendation and approval from the student's research advisor and the department chairperson. Students who qualify for the thesis option are required to make an oral presentation prior to graduation.
  • Graduate students electing the non-thesis option may substitute three credits of independent study for an approved elective course.

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X. Maggie Wang
Director of Graduate Studies