Electives for Chemical Engineering

Six Required Courses for all Departments / Majors

  1. ACS 1000 - Ancients
  2. ACS 1001 - Moderns
  3. THL 1000 - Faith, Reason and Culture
  4. Theology (THL) course or course with CTHL attribute, at the 2000 level or above
  5. Department approved Ethics course
  6. One 3-credit course from:
    • Theology (THL) course or course with CTHL attribute, at the 2000 level or above
    • Philosophy (PHI)
    • EGR 2001 - Egr: Humanistic Context
    • Peace and Justice (PJ)
    • ETH 2050 - The Good Life: Ethics & Cont Prob
    • CHE 2930 - Catholic Social Teaching for EGRs

Chemical Engineering Department Ethics (#5 above)



All students select their remaining additional program humanities and social science electives from among the courses listed in the University catalog and offered by the specific departments/programs.


  • Arab & Islamic Studies
  • Art History
  • Classical Studies
  • Communications
  • Ethics
  • English - ENG 1050, 1975, 2100-9999
  • Global Interdisciplinary Studies
  • History
  • Honors Program: (eligible Students only)
  • Humanities
  • Modern Languages (except speaking courses in native language)
  • Philosophy
  • Theatre
  • Theology (2000 and above or course section with Core Theology Attribute)

Social Sciences

  • Criminology
  • Economics
  • Geography and the Environment - GEV 1002, 1500-3900, 4050-5300
  • Humanities: HUM designated PSC
  • Peace and Justice
  • Political Science
  • Public Administration
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Gender and Women's Studies

ChemE Electives

Courses may be taken all in one area or selected from among different areas.


Advanced Chemical Engineering
CHE 5032 Process Design II
CHE 5062 Chemical Engineering Economics
CHE 5131 Math and Numerical Methods
CHE 5132 Transport Phenomena
CHE 5232 Industrial Catalytic Processes

Biological Engineering Systems
CHE 5532 Introduction to Biotechnology
CHE 5533 Bioseparations
CHE 5534 Biomaterials
CHE 5535 Bioengineering Lab Techniques

Advanced Materials Engineering
CHE 5533 Biomaterials
CHE 5632 Polymer Science and Engineering
CHE 5633 Nanomaterials/Surface Science
CHE 5634 Introduction to Material Science

Sustainable Engineering Systems
CHE 5001 Industrial Liquid and Solid Waste
CHE 5002 Introduction to Air Pollution Control
CHE 5715 Alternative Energy
EGR 7110 Climate Change & Sustainability
EGR 7111 Life Cycle/Impact Assessment

CHE 4831 Chemical Engineering Research I
CHE 4832 Chemical Engineering Research II

Note: Students must take both research courses if selected. Only ChemE Research I counts as a chemical engineering elective. ChemE Research II counts as an free elective.

Science (3) and Science Lab (2) Electives

One Science and Science Lab Elective must be CHM2212 and CHM2202 or CHM3416 and CHM3402
Note: Science Lab Electives cannot be fulfilled by AP credit (Class of 2016 and beyond)
          One Science Elective can be fulfilled by AP credit (Class of 2020 and beyond)

Approved Science Electives: BIO2105, BIO2106, BIO3055, BIO3105, BIO3155, BIO3225, BIO3255, BIO3351, BIO3455, BIO3485, BIO3595, BIO3905, BIO4105, BIO4205, BIO4251, BIO4285, BIO4305, BIO4331, BIO4335, BIO4385, BIO4505, BIO4605, CHM2212, CHM3311, CHM3416, CHM3417, CHM3511, CHM3514, CHM4292, CHM4315, CHM4331, CHM4611, CHM4621, CHM4622, CHM4623, CHM4633, CHM4641, CHM4652, CHM4664, PHY2402, PHY2416, PHY3310

Approved Science Lab Electives: BIO2105, BIO2106, BIO3055, BIO3105, BIO3155, BIO3225, BIO3255, BIO3455, BIO3485, BIO3595, BIO3905, BIO4105, BIO4205, BIO4252, BIO4285, BIO4305, BIO4335, BIO4385, BIO4505, BIO4605, CHM2202, CHM3301, CHM3402, CHM3501, CHM3503, CHM4601, CHM4603, CHM4604, PHY2403, PHY2417, PHY3311