Research and Facilities

Civil and Environmental Engineering Research and Facilities

Ongoing research areas for faculty in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering:

  • Concrete Structures
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Pavement Design and Construction
  • River Dynamics
  • Stormwater Control  Measures
  • Traffic Control and Operation
  • Water Quality/Wastewater Treatment
Civil and Environmental Engineering Research and Facilities
Civil and Environmental Engineering Research and Facilities

Civil and Environmental Engineering laboratories and teaching facilities include:

  • Traffic Simulation laboratory including SYNCHRO, VISSIM/VISUM and PARAMICS capabilities
  • Water Resources Teaching and Research Laboratory
  • Environmental Laboratory
  • Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
  • Geology Measurements Laboratory
  • Soils Testing Laboratory

The Department is also home to the Richard K. Faris ’69 CE, ’70 MSCE Structural Engineering Teaching and Research Laboratory, which enables student testing on a variety of full-scale and component size infrastructure elements.

Students learn:

  • Structural behavior of rod web joists
  • Concrete durability test
  • Gypsum and wood viscoelastic polymer connections
  • Continuous concrete beams reinforced with GFRP
  • Ductile joist study
  • Flexural performance of composite concrete flooring systems

The SETRL contains:

  • Reaction floor and wall
  • Materials characterization laboratory
  • Moisture curing room
  • Environmentally controlled testing room
  • 25 Ton Overload Crane
  • 400 Kip Self Reacting Test Frame
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Machine Shop
  • Environmental Chamber
  • MTS Hydraulic Systems
  • MTS Universal Testing Machines
  • 600 Kip Forney Compression Testing Machine
  • Charpy Impact Tester

Current Research Grants:

Dr. Wenqing Xu was awarded a $500,000 NSF CAREER grant for “Transforming the Synergistic Interactions between Pyrogenic Carbonaceous Matter (PCM) and Sulfur Species into Solutions for Contaminant Detoxification.”

Dr. Kristin Sample-Lord received $255,000 of a $360,000 grant from the National Science Foundation for a joint project with University of Wisconsin-Platteville. The three-year Engineering for Civil Infrastructure program award is for "Closing the Gap between Theory and Evidence: Coupled Phenomena in Unsaturated Bentonite Barriers Under Variable Temperature and Chemical Conditions."

Under the leadership of Dr. Andrea Welker, the Villanova Urban Stormwater Partnership received an extended three-year, $565,000 grant for monitoring and modeling three stormwater improvement sites in the Delaware River Watershed. Read more.

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Shawn Gross, Professor

Dr. Shawn Gross, Associate Professor

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