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Water Resources & Environmental Engineering Courses Offered by Semester

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Fall Even Years

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Other Recommended Courses


The minimum requirements for a MSWREE degree are:

EE Requirements
2 courses from the following: CEE 7511, 7513, 7701, 8707, 8708

WRE Requirements
2 courses from the following: CEE 7111*, 8501, 8502, 8503, 8507, 8511

All students are required to take one of the following: CEE 8502, 8507, 8707, 8708

*CEE 7111 is only for students who do not have a BS in civil engineering.

An interdisciplinary plan of study leading to a MSCE degree can be developed with the help of a faculty advisor.

Designations for CEE Courses

EE - Environmental Engineering Courses
WRE - Water Resources Engineering Courses
GEO - Geotechnical Engineering Courses
DE - Courses offered through E-Learning