Master’s in Civil Engineering: Degree Requirements


The Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering (MSCE) program requires:

  • A minimum of 30 earned semester credits of graduate work is required, and a minimum of 21 graduate credits must be in Civil and Environmental Engineering courses.
  • A Plan of Study must be approved by the advisor and chairperson prior to the completion of the student's first semester of graduate study. For approval, the plan must indicate a topical focus and direction commensurate with a master's degree program. Guided by his/her advisor, a student may select a Plan of Study consisting of:
    • 30 earned graduate course credits
    • A thesis track consisting of 21 earned graduate course credits, a three-credit research/investigation course and a six-credit thesis
    • 27 earned of graduate course credits and a three credit research/ investigation course
    • Students are encouraged, but not required, to write a Master's thesis.

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Joseph Yost, Director of Graduate Studies