Graduate Programs in Civil and Environmental Engineering

In “The Value of a Continuing Engineering Education,” Machine Design reports on the growing need for today’s engineers to pursue graduate studies or certification in their fields. “Staying current with modern technology” ranks highly as a concern among engineers, and there are obvious advantages to an advanced degree where salary and job status are concerned. According to Machine Design’s 2015 Annual Salary Survey, engineers with a master’s degree made an average of $105,616 and engineers with a bachelor’s degree an average salary of $89,620. Engineers with a doctorate in engineering versus a bachelor’s in engineering earn a median of 35% more.

If salary, advancement and staying current are among your professional goals, consider a Villanova graduate degree. Our programs are modern, relevant and comprehensive, and with our part-time and E-Learning options they meet the needs of full-time students as well as working professionals.

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Joseph Yost, Director of Graduate Studies