Christine Gadino Slocumb ’90 EE, ’92 MSEE

Founder and CEO, Clarity Quest Marketing

Christine Gadino Slocumb ’90 EE, ’92 MSEE
Christine Gadino Slocumb ’90 EE, ’92 MSEE

Q: What was your career path after graduation?

A: After obtaining my degree, I stayed at Villanova for two more years to earn my master’s.
I had the wonderful opportunity to be one of Dr. Pritpal Singh’s first research assistants working on solar cell materials. Upon receiving my MSEE, I became a semiconductor engineer at Motorola’s research labs in Phoenix, AZ.  During my tenure at Motorola, I became very interested in the business side of the company and obtained an MBA in marketing.

After Motorola, I caught the startup bug and went to work as a product manager, working my way up to a Vice President of Marketing at various tech startups in Seattle. In 2001, I started a marketing agency—Clarity Quest Marketing.


Christine Gadino Slocumb, Clarity Quest Marketing
Christine Gadino Slocumb, Clarity Quest Marketing

Q: What are you doing now?

A: While I was working for tech startups, I noticed they often needed to outsource marketing and PR to agencies due to limited internal resources.
However, the agencies did not understand technology and scientific concepts. I started Clarity Quest Marketing with the goal of combining left and right brain thinking to grow technology and biotech companies with best-in-class marketing. Today, I’m the CEO of Clarity Quest, leading a team of twenty people. We have offices in Washington, Michigan and Connecticut, and are one of the top healthcare and biotechnology agencies in the country.

Q: What has been the highlight of your career to date?

A: By far the highlight of my career has been assembling an amazingly intelligent, fun and kind group of individuals to work at Clarity Quest. Having held positions in toxic startups, I saw first hand that the culture of a company is the biggest determination of success or failure. Every one of our team members holds himself or herself to the highest ethical and quality standards. We produce great work as a team while having fun and I’m very proud of our accomplishments. 

Q: How did your Villanova education contribute to your success?

A: The engineering program at Villanova ensures you are a well-rounded individual
. I remember being shocked upon entering the workforce to find out I was the only entry-level engineer who had taken public speaking classes! I was asked to speak in front of the entire corporate executive team of Motorola within two months of joining the company, so the public speaking and acting classes I took at Villanova certainly allowed me to be more confident during stressful situations.   

Also, the faculty at Villanova was amazingly supportive and encouraging. They taught me a love of learning, appreciation of creative thinking and respect for data integrity that has been a large part of my success in business and life.

Q: What do you know now that you wish you knew then (as a college student or new graduate)?

A: I would tell my younger self to appreciate the importance of connections in life.
Feeling as if I was asking for too much, I did not take full advantage of the network Villanova and my work internships provided me. Bringing my company successfully through the recession of 2008-2009, I realize now that networks, friends and personal connections are the elements that can get you through really tough times. 

Q: What one piece of advice would you give to the next generation of female engineers?

A: Be bold! Stand up for equal pay and deserved promotions, and don’t be afraid to take on assignments or apply for positions you think are above your current skill set.
You have the tools, intelligence and training so you will excel if you are diligent.