Sheena Moody White ’06 ME

Senior Client Manager, American Express


Sheena Moody, Mechanical Engineering graduate, 2006

Q: What has been your career path since graduation from Villanova?

After graduating from Villanova with a major in mechanical engineering and a minor in business, I joined Goldman Sachs as a technology business analyst.  I spent four years there, leading several cross-divisional projects to set and implement technology risk management and operational strategies for the firm globally.

Next, to transition my career and grow my network, I pursued my MBA at the University of Chicago Booth, where I concentrated in Finance, Marketing Management, and Managerial and Organizational Behavior.  Between my first and second year, I interned at Walmart in a strategic finance role with Sam’s Club.

Upon graduation, I joined American Express as a senior manager within their Strategic Planning Group, which is their internal consulting group.  In my role, I worked on high-impact projects for the CEO and various C-level executives and business units to assess business opportunities and risks. Currently, I am a senior client manager, managing a $10B portfolio of Supermarket & Drug Store Industry partners. I am responsible for developing and launching business strategies to grow market share and profits. 

Sheena Moody White, Senior Client Manager, American Express

Q: Tell us about your current position:

I currently apply my skills to manage and grow Supermarket and Drug Store partnerships for American Express by developing and executing business plans, building manager and executive level relationships, shaping and implementing investment strategies, executing digital marketing campaigns, and managing contract negotiations and card acceptance operations. In addition to managing budget and P&L metrics, I manage cross-divisional projects that impact the growth of my portfolio.

Q: What has been the highlight of your career to date?

The highlight of my career thus far has been identifying a new ecommerce partner to address unmet market needs. It was exciting to lead outreach, strategy development, internal alignment, partner negotiations, and partnership execution.  As the partnership deepens, it is energizing to drive long-term strategies while managing newly formed cross-divisional projects associated with the partnership.

Q: How did your Villanova education contribute to your success?

My Villanova experience has been instrumental in my success, providing a community where I could hone my analytical and problem-solving skills, explore my interests in business and people development, and build skills such as leadership, teamwork, and influencing.  At Villanova as an engineer, you become exceptional at using analysis and problem solving whether in thermodynamics or humanities, and in my experience, finance. I had the unique opportunity to major in engineering and take business classes at a top business program. What I value the most from Villanova are the contributions I made to the community.  I was an Engineering PEER, career assistant, vice president of the Black Cultural Society, and I reestablished the National Society of Black Engineers as an organization on campus.

Q: What do you know now that you wish you knew then (as a college student or new graduate)?

Embrace change, take risks, and invest in relationships.  Specifically, no matter how much you plan you never know what the future has in store for you.  If you give 100% and maintain your intellectual curiosity, the rest will work itself out.  Last, but not least, your network is priceless but has to be attended to and nurtured constantly.

Q: What one piece of advice would you give to the next generation of female engineers?

My advice would be to follow your passions, identify what you are good at, and own it.  To excel, figure out what you need to know, reach out to people who can provide insight, and take action.  Most importantly, trust yourself, listen, adapt, and have confidence in your abilities and decision-making.