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* 2016 Salary_Guide_The_Creative_Group_Robert Half.pdf
salary guide for marketers: robert half's creative group publishes this excellent guide to marketing salaries in a number of areas. check it out by clicking here.


ad age

subscribe to a weekly e-newsletter (“adage daily”) about the advertising industry, or social media, or digital marketing, or research.  or, just read the industry news to keep up to date on who is doing what. viral videos, top lists, insider developments—this is the go-to publication for the ad industry.


advertising, branding, tv and industry news.  check out “adfreak” at the top of the page for some fun. job link at the top of the page as well.


interbrand’s industry newsletter to keep you up to date on brand developments. you need to read this pub.

the future buzz

media, marketing and pr blog. job listings too, mostly in california.

pr week (us)

who is happening, what is happening, and when it is happening in the pr world.  jobs listing too, plus a uk version for those interested in working overseas.

sports business journal

if you are interested in sports marketing, this publication is a key way to keep yourself up to date for interviews, and learn about the business. e-newsletter subscriptions are available for a student fee (click here), but the website is free, free, free.

women's wear daily

the trade an industry standard for fashion.  student discounts on subscriptions are available (click here). but you can check the webpage, or follow them on twitter or facebook and stay connected for free.  nice.