SBI Ambassadors

SBI Ambassadors 2018- Villanova University Business Minor
SBI Ambassadors 2018- Villanova University Business Minor

Welcome to the SBI Ambassadors page!  We invite you to connect with at least one of the students listed below to understand their SBI experience.  They are eager to speak about the program, what you can expect, why they decided to apply and enroll - and the return on their investment!

SBI. Invest in your future!

SBI Ambassadors- Kevin Calhoun



COE ‘20; SBI Summer ‘17

Major: Computer Engineering

Minors: Business, Computer Science

"I went from knowing nothing about business to having a great sense of what I want to do with my career due to a newfound interest in finance."

SBI Ambassadors- Juliana De Giosa


De Giosa

Nursing ‘20; SBI Summer ‘17

Major: Nursing

Minors: Business, Psychology

"I chose to do SBI because any career has a business side, even nursing. With my business minor, I can choose to go into hospital administration or healthcare management."

SBI Ambassadors- Celia Dwyer



CLAS ‘20; SBI Summer ‘17

Major: Communication

Minors: Business, Marketing

"It has impacted me academically because it allowed me to get a marketing minor. It has also given me more confidence when looking for an internship."

SBI Ambassadors- Tara Henry



CLAS ‘20; SBI Summer ‘17

Major: Psychology

Minors: Business, Marketing

"Before SBI, I never considered a career in business and didn't think of myself as a "business person", but this program changed my entire mindset! SBI taught me the importance of having business knowledge that can be applied to almost any career or job, and that anyone can be involved in the business world."

SBI Ambassadors- Leah McCusker



COE ‘20; SBI Summer ‘17

Major: Civil Engineering

Minors: Business, Sustainability

"I chose to do SBI to one day merge my backgrounds in engineering and business once I enter the workplace; the people you meet are the best part, everyone encourages one another to keep working hard throughout the summer!"

SBI Ambassadors- Kiernan McNelis



CLAS ‘20; SBI Summer ‘17

Major: Biochemistry, Honors

Minors: Business, Spanish, Theology

"I wanted to have an interdisciplinary education before hopefully attending medical school after graduation."

SBI Ambassadors- Maddie McQuillan



COE ‘20; SBI Summer ‘17

Major: Civil Engineering

Minors: Business, International Business, Sustainability

"SBI enhanced my communication and collaboration skills which have helped me become a better team player in my engineering courses." 

SBI Ambassadors- Mason Melillo



COE ‘20; SBI Summer ‘17

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Minors: Business

"SBI taught me how to effectively communicate and interact in a professional environment."

SBI Ambassadors- Kurtis Nysmith



CLAS ‘19; SBI Summer ‘17

Major: Communication

Minors: Business, Marketing

"Origianlly, I was intimidated by the business school. But after completing SBI, I am not only comfortable with business... I am passionate about it."

SBI Ambassadors- Kayla O'Flaherty



CLAS ‘20; SBI Summer ‘17

Major: Psychology

Minors: Business, Irish Studies

"What's better than getting a business minor? Getting a business minor in just 10 weeks."

SBI Ambassadors- Meghan Rice



COE ‘20; SBI Summer ‘17

Major: Civil Engineering

Minors: Business, International Business

"I met and got close to a lot of great people I wouldn't have known without SBI because each section was filled with students from different majors, grades, and even different universities."

SBI Ambassadors- Katie Spagnoletti



COE ‘19; SBI Summer ‘17

Major: Chemical Engineering

Minors: Business, Theology

"SBI was taught by some of the best professors I have had at Villanova, and they're always willing to help you both during SBI and once the summer is finished. I had one of my professors from the summer write a letter of recommendation for me!"

SBI Ambassadors- Christian Stahl



CLAS ‘20; SBI Summer ‘17

Major: Mathematics

Minors: Business

"As somebody in STEM, I realized that having business knowledge would give me a competitive edge against my peers when looking for internships."

SBI Ambassadors- Connor Wilson



CLAS ‘20; SBI Summer ‘17

Major: Economics

Minors: Business, Business Analytics, Finance

"I chose to do SBI so that I could have more options when looking for a career."



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