Laura Persinski '19 VSB & Gregg Bazzani '15 VSB


1. What inspired you to join the VSB mentor program?    

"During my time at VSB and throughout my career, I have benefitted tremendously from mentors. I continue to see the direct impact that mentors have on my life both personally and professionally. This has inspired me to become a mentor and to have a similar impact on someone else’s life." – Gregg

"I was inspired to join the VSB Mentor Program during my sophomore year hoping to become more connected to Villanova’s strong alumni network. I was looking for a young professional who would not only help me in my search for internships and jobs, but who could also give me insights into what life is like after graduating and continue to help me with my transition to the working world." – Laura

2. How has your experience compared to your expectation?

"It has been a great experience getting to know Laura personally and helping her navigate through her college experience and her career decisions. When we speak, we usually cover everything from career goals to travel to Villanova sports." – Gregg

"My experience has exceeded my expectations. I expected to learn from my mentor when discussing careers and school. However, I believe one of the reasons why my VSB Mentor experience has been successful is because I have been able to get to know Gregg on a personal level and talk about travel, sports, and Villanova. I have truly learned a great deal from Gregg and am very appreciative for all of the time he has spent being my mentor." – Laura

3. What makes your relationship a successful one?

"Our relationship has been successful because Laura and I communicate frequently, and I try my best to be available whenever she wants to talk. I see many similarities between myself and Laura, so it has been easy for me to offer her advice and guidance that I would have liked to hear during my time at Villanova. I strive not only to be a mentor, but also a direct advocate for Laura as she starts to look for internships and full time positions. Laura also enjoys meeting new business contacts, so I often introduce her to other alumni." - Gregg

"Our mentor/mentee relationship has been successful because Gregg has been honest and realistic with me. When working with Gregg his passion as a mentor truly shows. Whenever Gregg believes there is more I can learn from someone else, he goes above and beyond by connecting me with his contacts. In all, he truly does want to see me succeed." – Laura

4. What has been the best part about having a mentor/mentee?     

"It has been great to develop a friendship with Laura, and to watch all the progress she has made. Mentoring Laura has also made me feel more connected to the Villanova community. I always enjoy hearing directly from her about the remarkable transformation that the university has undergone since my graduation." – Gregg

"The best part about having a mentor is having access to a perspective of a recent graduate who has gone through the same process I am currently going through. It has also been nice to get to know Gregg and have the opportunity to meet up with him in New York." – Laura

5. Do you have a best practice to share with other pairs in the program?

"Consistent communication and following up is key. We try to talk at least once per month to stay up to date, and we follow through on topics we discuss on our calls." - Gregg

"Not being afraid to ask questions is the key to a successful mentor/mentee relationship. Having constant communication, as well as following up, in regards to what we have talked about has also helped develop our mentor/mentee relationship." – Laura