Cris Caggiano '18 VSB and Shawn Jones '93 VSB

Photo of Cris Caggiano '18 VSB and Shawn Jones '93 VSB

1. What inspired you to join the VSB mentor program?    

“Both my mother and my father work in industries that could not be further from finance and real estate. As a result, I was finding it hard to make the necessary connections and to meet the right people. I joined the program hoping that a mentor would be able to guide me in the right direction and introduce me to the right network.” – Cris

“The opportunity to join the VSB Mentor Program came along at the perfect time; I was looking for volunteer opportunities as well as ways to become more engaged with the Villanova community.” – Shawn

2. How has your experience compared to your expectation?

“My experience has far surpassed any type of expectations I had. Shawn is a great mentor and always goes above and beyond to coach me and make me more marketable.”– Cris

“To date, my experience has exceeded my expectation as my mentee, Cris, is outgoing, eager to learn, responsive and a good communicator.”– Shawn

3. What makes your relationship a successful one?

“I would say a relationship can only be successful if there is a willingness to open up and share your thoughts and concerns with the other person.” – Cris

“Habitual, open and honest communication makes our relationship a successful one.” – Shawn

4. What has been the best part about having a mentor/mentee?     

“The doors that Shawn has been able to open for me through coaching, critiquing resumes or introducing me to important people have been the most valuable part.” – Cris

“I enjoy sharing my personal experiences and professional war stories, as well as giving solicited and, on occasion, unsolicited, advice regarding resumes, /internships and career paths.” – Shawn

5. Do you have a best practice to share with other pairs in the program?

My best practice would be to meet often and in person. Shawn and I have scheduled monthly meetings where we catch up and talk about my progress.” – Cris

“I encourage other pairs to develop a pattern of regular engagement, and mentors to offer candid feedback to their mentees.” – Shawn