Abbel Garcia ’17 COE Phillip Macero ’93 VSB

abbel and phillip

1. What inspired you to join the VSB mentor program?

 “I saw the mentor program as a great tool to improve my professional skills in a way that can never be learned within the walls of a classroom.”

- Abbel

“I attended Villanova University for my Masters program and have been mentoring  at both the graduate and undergraduate level for some time. I believe that the VSB Mentor Program is dynamic and vital in today's educational landscape. The VSB Mentor Program provides a forum for student development by aligning experienced professionals with a mentee thus enhancing the scope of the mentee's business experience. This initiative affords the mentee to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Additionally, supplementing the students’ academic and relevant business knowledge provides a springboard to their career aspirations.”


2. What makes your relationship a successful one?  

“My Mentor is always there when I need him and he shows that he truly cares about the relationship we have. I could never have imagined the experience being as meaningful as it is. In a very short time I have come to depend on my mentor for advice and share updates with him about my goals.”


“The mentor/mentee relationship must be collaborative in scope. The level of expected communication from the mentor and mentee should be discussed during the initial meeting and continued throughout so that a strategy is defined and monitored.”


3. What has been the best part about having a mentor/mentee?   

“By far, the best part is knowing that whenever I need career advice I can ask someone who has been through everything I am currently going through.”


“Partnership, sharing of ideas, and the ability to be open to criticism as well as change, if appropriate. Be a change agent and champion for the mentee.”


4. Do you have a best practice to share with other pairs in the program?

“Everyone’s relationship is different, and it truly is what you make of it, so I encourage everyone to set out goals and expectations from the beginning!”


“Establish an environment that challenges and cultivates the mentee's core competencies to achieve their fullest potential.  The mentor should possess the business acumen to add value and strengthen the student's academic and business knowledge relevant to their career aspirations. Each mentor/mentee partnership is unique providing insight, support and feedback.”