Advisory Board

Advisory Board members are ambassadors for the Mentor Program and include student mentees, alumni, and alumni mentors who are passionate about mentoring and its impact! Members work together to recruit participants, organize events, and enhance the VSB Mentor Program.

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Vidhi Shah ‘15
Phone: 856-981-7086


Jennifer Albert '05

"The mentor program is important to me because I remember being an undergrad and not having many resources to bounce ideas, job offers and salary questions, etc. off of. Having someone who knows your career goals and skill set can be valuable in kicking off your career as well as once your career progresses”

Nicole Beshilas

Nicole Anderson ‘19

“Being from the Midwest, I appreciate the importance of networking relationships with business professionals in cities on the East Coast I may be living in someday. The Mentor Program has given me an opportunity to engage personally and professionally with Villanova alumni that I would not have had anywhere else.”

Jessica Andrade ’19

Jessica Andrade ’19

"I am so excited to be involved in a program that completely embodies the ‘Villanova Experience.’ The VSB Mentor Program has contributed so much to my professional and personal growth; I have a role model to whom I can turn for advice and guidance. My mentor is not just a connection, but also a friend, in the corporate world. I can’t wait to share my experiences and help others, both mentees and mentors alike, grow through this interconnected process!”“

Ashley Austin ‘20

Ashley Austin ‘20

The VSB Mentor Program has allowed me to make connections with professionals and gain valuable information from a different prospective. It has aided in my professional development by providing practice with networking and my career search. I joined the Mentor Program Advisory Board in order to share my positive experience with other Villanova students. I want other VSB students to take advantage of the same beneficial opportunities and experiences with which this program has provided me.

Joe Bonomo ‘19

Joe Bonomo ‘19

Being a part of the Mentor Program at Villanova has been an amazing experience for me. The relationships and insights that this Program can provide to VSB students are truly unique to our university and joining is a great opportunity for students to further their professional development.


Massimo Costantini ’19

"I have learned a lot from my mentor throughout our relationship; he has helped me figure out what career path is best for me and has guided me through the internship process. I joined the Advisory Board because this program has helped me tremendously and I want to see this program continue to expand and benefit other VSB students.”

Jacqueline Tom

Christina Cronin ’20

“Networking is fundamental to a successful business career. The mentorship program has allowed me to gain an invaluable advantage by creating long-term relationships that have enabled me to grow as an aspiring business professional. My mentor has helped me with everything from interview preparations to life-long advice that I will use throughout my personal career. I am honored to be a part of such an outstanding program and I can only hope to provide the dedication and guidance my mentor has once I am a graduate of VSB.”

Bob crowley

Bob Crowley ’79

“A wise person gave me some simple advice: “Knowing yourself; strengths, beliefs, passions – is fundamental to living a fulfilling life. Create a “Personal Board of Directors” (PBD) who are willing to invest in you, be straight with you, help you discover yourself and unleash your raison d’être.” The Mentor Program at Villanova gives a student the opportunity to focus on pursuing a fulfilling life. And the Mentors have the opportunity to pay-it-forward, assuring their life’s learnings will endure through others. Now that’s a pretty darn good deal.”


Morgan Falasca

Morgan Falasca '18

“My mentor and this program have helped me set career goals that I have never thought about or considered before. It has been an amazing experience so far and has made my time here at VSB one I will always remember.”

Aminah Fawad

Aminah Fawad ’15 VSB

“My Villanova mentors helped me find success at VSB, in my professional career and beyond. I am honored to serve as a mentor and as a member of the Advisory Board to pay that forward for years to come."

Lauren Furtek

Laura Furtek ’20

The VSB Mentoring Program has provided me with countless connections to both mentors and students. These relationships have been so valuable to my college career and professional development. Joining the Advisory Board has allowed me to ensure that every student has access to the incredible community of students and alumni. "

Kristin Gavin

Don Fuss ’90

“The VSB Mentor program is an opportunity to give back to the Villanova community as well as provide a valuable resource for mentees to help shape their careers. There is true power and value in networking and the sharing of valuable insights and experiences. I consider it a privilege to be part of a program that has a positive impact on Villanova students.”



Kristin Gavin

Kristin Gavin '14

“I have been a member of the Advisory Board since its origination in the fall of 2013, and was the only senior on the board that was comprised of upperclassmen, under the dedicated leadership of Michele Gianforcaro.  I was so excited to hear about the limitless possibilities and potential of the VSB Mentor Program, and have been a witness to its rapid growth and development. I look forward to being a part of the continued success of the VSB Mentor Program, which is built upon a foundation of invaluable relationships that have been created – bridging the classroom and professional worlds.”  

Anthony Giordano

Anthony Giordano ’06

“The importance of mentorship is only increasing yet the path to gain mentors is rarely defined. The VSB Mentor Program provides clarity and structure to mentorship and I’m excited to help the program develop as part of the Advisory Board.

Aileen Grogan

Aileen Grogan ’13

“The VSB Mentor Program promotes personal and professional growth for mentees and mentors alike. By fostering a positive, candid and encouraging environment for students as they navigate the start of their careers, this program is an invaluable resource for VSB students.”

Patrick Haley ‘21

Patrick Haley ‘21

I know an alumni mentor in the Program who has had great success with his mentee.  It inspired me to join the Advisory Board to help the Mentor Program grow and to help provide students with valuable advice as they join the workforce. Being one of the younger students on the Advisory Board, I look forward to connecting with my fellow sophomores and encouraging them to join the Mentor Program when given the opportunity spring semester of our sophomore year.

Kyle Hannon ‘20

Kyle Hannon ‘20

My mentor has provided me with an insight into the business world that could not be learned in a classroom. His advice and knowledge has given me confidence and a competitive edge as I enter the workforce. I joined the Advisory Board to help ensure that as many students as possible receive the same experience that I have.

Lauren Hogan '13 VSB

Lauren Hogan ‘13

“I decided to get involved with the VSB Mentor Program because it’s something I could have benefited from as an undergrad. Adapting to life after college can be challenging at first, and having someone in your chosen field who you can bounce ideas off of is a huge asset. I look forward to being more involved in the program as a member of the Advisory Board and helping mentees get the most out of their VSB experience.”

Nicolle Hughes ‘20

Nicolle Hughes ‘20

Since joining the VSB Mentor Program, I have gained valuable insight in my future career in Accounting from a Villanova alum. It is extremely advantageous to have my mentor to reach out to for help with internships, and career advice. The Program is very well-structured, and has immensely helped me with my future career path.

Lillian Jensen ‘20

Lillian Jensen ‘20

The VSB Mentor Program provided me immediate insight into the professional world. My mentor has helped me endless ways and is always there to answer any questions I have. Utilizing Villanova’s alumni network has been paramount to both my personal and professional growth thus far. I am extremely excited to be a part of this program and see all the great things that we can accomplish!

Christine Kraft

Christine Kraft '92

“As a mentor in the pilot VSB Mentor Program, I found the experience to be both personally and professionally rewarding.  It afforded me the opportunity to reconnect with and give back to the University and share my experiences with young students, particularly as they were beginning to formulate ideas about their own career paths.  I am excited to now serve on the Advisory Board to help further evolve and shape the Program.”

Luke Lee ‘20

Luke Lee ‘20

My mentor has helped me explore career paths, improve my resume and keeps me accountable to the goals that we set together. It’s very reassuring to always have an experienced person that I can turn to for advice and guidance. The VSB Mentor Program has significantly contributed to my professional development and it’s a valuable resource that I believe every VSB student should take advantage of.

Spencer Miller

Spencer Miller '18

“Mentoring is a huge asset to both students and professionals in the business world; these two-way relationships help to build networks and expand opportunities.  I joined the Advisory Board so that I could promote the benefits of mentoring to other Villanovans and help them to succeed professionally."  

Mark Murphy

Mark Murphy ’20

"Since I have consistently moved throughout my life, I have always appreciated building relationships with people wherever I find myself in that moment. Becoming a part of the Advisory Board has introduced me to incredibly successful alumni who will help guide the early years of my career."

Robert Olsen

Robert Olsen ’86

"We have all gotten to where we are because someone believed in us and helped us.  The VSB Mentor Program is a special opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others in the Villanova Community. It’s a chance to teach, guide and inspire others. It is in the service of others we also learn and grow ourselves. This is an exciting opportunity for both mentor and mentee."

Jessica Roberts ‘19

Jessica Roberts '19

“I love the VSB Mentor Program because it gives students the unique opportunity to learn from successful Alumni. I joined the Advisory Board because I could see the awesome impact it will have on not only myself as a student and future alumnus, but on future Villanova students as well.”


Bridget Reilly

Brian Ross '06

"The VSB Mentoring program has given me a chance to connect with a talented and highly motivated student to discuss school, internships, and the beginning of my mentee's career."


Veronica Santos

Veronica Santos '09

“Villanova has provided so many wonderful opportunities that have shaped me into who I am proud to be today.  It was important for me to stay connected to my alma mater and to give back in some way.  The VSB Mentor program keeps me motivated and inspired, just by knowing that I have a mentee who wants to follow in my footsteps.  As a member of the Advisory Board, I am excited to have the opportunity to further enhance the VSB Mentor Program.”

Deep Shah

Deep Shah '15

“The reason I chose to get more involved in the Mentor Program Advisory Board is best said in the words of Paul Meyer, founder of the Personal Development Industry: ‘Communication - the human connection - is the key to both personal and career success.’”

Vidhi Shah

Vidhi Shah '15

"I joined the VSB Mentor Program board the first year it started in pilot mode. It's been rewarding to see it grow every year and see the relationships we have been fortunate enough to help foster. My mentors throughout my life, whether it was while at Villanova or after I joined the corporate world, have been an inspiration and a guiding hand for all my questions and dilemmas. To be part of a program that encourages and forms these relationships has been a wonderful experience.”

Phil Perrino

Carl Schwind '87

“‘Never underestimate the valuable and important difference you make in every life you touch for the impact you make today has a powerful rippling effect on every tomorrow.’ -Leon Brown. When I was a student, the advice of a mentor shaped my entire career and life.  I enjoy the opportunity to make that kind of difference for the students of today.”


Phil Perrino

Vincent Tricarico '91

“I chose to get involved in the Mentor Program because I realize now how little I knew about the transition into professional life when I was a student.  The Mentor Program is a great opportunity for me to share my experiences and hopefully provide VSB students a resource and perspective I never had.”