Cooperative Education Program

CoOp Programs provide in-depth experience...

VSB’s CoOp program provides students with the opportunity to experience complete immersion in a professional work environment, typically during their junior year. A CoOp experience is six months in length (fall: July-December; spring: January-June), during which time the student works at the sponsoring organization on a full-time basis. Work content mirrors that of an entry-level professional. 

Coincides with four-year graduation plan...

Students earn six academic credits for successful completion of a CoOp experience AND a competitive salary. The program is designed so that participating students maintain full-time student status and remain on track to graduate in four years by completing coursework before, during, and/or after the CoOp assignment.

Students reap benefits...

VSB selectively engages in CoOp relationships with companies committed to participating in the school’s strategic initiatives. In many instances, students participating in a CoOp will receive priority consideration for full-time entry-level opportunities upon graduation.

Students who participate in a CoOp receive the following advantages:

  • Gain real-world out-of-classroom learning experience
  • Opportunity to explore possible career interests
  • Crystallize values and career goals
  • Earn hands-on experience that will enhance marketability when pursuing full-time positions


To explore your eligibility to participate in a VSB CoOp, contact the Clay Center to schedule an appointment with an Assistant Director for Internships/CoOps.

Student Perspective

Stefan Agustin Suarez '20 VSB talks about his experience in a Villanova CoOp.