Become a Peer Advisor

VSB peer advisors provide invaluable service as mentors to freshmen and sophomores, supporting them as they navigate important, and sometimes difficult, academic and social issues associated with college life. Peer advisors are an integral part of the VSB advising team, which is composed of the Clay Center advisor, peer advisor, and faculty advisor.

Benefits of Becoming a Peer Advisor

Participation in the Peer Advisor Program gives students the opportunity to enhance leadership and professional development skills essential to a well-rounded education.

How to Apply

The effectiveness of VSB’s Peer Advisor Program depends directly on the quality, engagement, enthusiasm, and dedication of our peer advisors. The application process begins in mid-February. VSB sophomores with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, in good disciplinary standing with the university, are eligible to apply. To apply to become a peer advisor, complete the Peer Advisor Application and return it to the Clay Center. Applications will be reviewed and applicants will be contacted to schedule interviews. Once selected as a peer advisor, a student will serve throughout his or her junior and senior years.

Peer Advisor Executive Board

The Peer Advisor Executive Board is composed of a select group of senior peer advisors who collaborate with the Clay Center to manage the Peer Advising Program. The board’s responsibilities include oversight of all peer advisors, designing and facilitating peer advisor training, and planning and organizing participation in special events, programs, and activities that promote VSB and serve the VSB undergraduate community.

The Peer Advisor Executive Board application process begins in early January. Only current peer advisors are eligible to apply. Applications will be reviewed and applicants will be contacted to schedule interviews.

Student Perspective

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