VSB Magazine - Spring 2010

VSB Magazine Spr 2010

Villanova Business Highlights

Faculty and Student Achievements

VSB achievements

Undergraduates Win Top Prize in Business Ethics Case Competition

Making Sense of the Meltdown: Preparing students for a changing global economy

VSB Mag. Cover

Reorganizing faculty and revamping its curriculum helped VSB respond quickly to the financial crisis. When the financial crisis struck, many business schools were caught off-guard.

If the Shoe Fits

Quinetta M. Roberson

Quinetta M. Roberson talks about first ladies, gender roles, and attitudes about women in the workplace. "Up until April or May, we saw images of Michelle Obama as the fashion icon. We saw images of her as the philanthropic, civic-minded, grassroots person..."

Global Experience: What I Learned in Dubai


For two months this past summer, Carlos Pradera lived, studied, and worked in Dubai, where he gained a valuable career and research experience to complement his business education.

Faculty Research: Why Pink and Yellow are En Vogue

Faculty Research

Everywhere you turn these days, people are wearing pink and yellow bracelets and sports gear to support cancer research and other charitable causes. Why have these corporate social responsibility products become so popular?

Table of Contents

Message from the Dean

  • Creativity, Innovation, and the Entrepreneurial Spirit


  • VSB Welcomes New Faculty
  • A Case Study Comes to Life
  • Living an Extraordinary Life
  • Making Sense of the Meltdown
  • If the Shoe Fits

Donor Spotlight

  • Elizabeth and Leonard LoBiondo
  • Frank J. Ryan


  • Momentum
  • VSB in the News
  • Faculty Achievements
  • Student Achievements
  • Lessons Learned
  • Real Estate
  • Alumni Spotlight: Brad Ingelsby
  • In Closing: The Villanova MBA
  • Global Experience: What I Learned in Dubai
  • Faculty Research

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