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Villanova School of Business 2011 Bartley Medallion Recipients

The Bartley Medallion, named after Rev. Joseph C. Bartley, O.S.A., Ph.D., S.T.L., founding dean of the Villanova School of Business, is awarded annually by the faculty of the school in recognition of outstanding achievement in a specific discipline. It is the highest distinction the school can bestow upon a graduating student and serves as a visible reflection of the significant contribution made by the recipient to the life of the school community.

Undergraduate Recipients For Excellence

  • Gabrielle A. Kimball (Accounting–Awarded in memory of Charles F. Kelly)
  • Sarah Mitus (Management)
  • Anna Lewek (Economics–Awarded in memory of Saul Mason)
  • Michael Louis Boccia (Finance)
  • Bianca Nicole Iozzia (Marketing)
  • Tara J. Donovan (Management Information Systems)
  • Helene V. Purcell (International Business)

Graduate Recipients For Excellence

  • Ava Lala (Business Administration at the Master’s Level (Fast Track))
  • Sami Ismaili (Business Administration at the Executive Master’s Level)
  • Laura K. Hajducek (Business Administration at the Master’s Level (Flex Track))
  • Christopher Francis Brophy (Accounting & Professional Consultancy at the Master’s Level)
  • Kelley Marie Bergsma (Finance at the Master’s Level),
    Michael S. Polcovich (Taxation at the Master’s Level)
  • Joseph Paul Croteau (Church Management at the Master’s Level)

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Faculty Expertise Guide

Faculty Expertise Guide

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