Villanova School of Business Dean James M. Danko talks about leadership and how to apply business principles to academia on Philadelphia’s #1 Business Radio Station

VILLANOVA, PA, April 16, 2010—James M. Danko, The Helen and William O’ Toole Dean of the Villanova School of Business (VSB), was a featured guest on Philadelphia’s top rated business news radio station, AM 860 WWDB. Dean Danko’s interview with host Herb Cohen was broadcasted throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware on April 16 at 10 A.M. during the station’s weekly program, Executive Leaders Radio. The segment can also be heard worldwide. Click here to listen.

Dean Danko shared his entrepreneurial story of starting, growing, and ultimately selling the business he began at age nineteen, 90 days before attending the University of Michigan’s MBA program. Danko explained to host Herb Cohen that the skill set needed to run his own company – innovation, creativity and complex problem solving – are also core elements woven into the curriculum of the Villanova School of Business. “In order to be a business leader,” Danko says, “one must understand things in a complex and integrated way.” Danko went on to describe how the process of applying business style best-practices to academia, and how to run an academic institution like a business with measurable outcomes and benchmarks to determine success.

As for his leadership style, Dean Danko says, “as the Dean of VSB, I am fortunate to work with an incredibly talented team of faculty and staff members. One thing I’ve learned in this role is the importance of building consensus and support when it comes to making changes and problem solving.”

“It was a great pleasure to be interviewed on the Executive Leaders Radio Show,” said Dean Danko. “I really enjoyed the opportunity to share some of my personal experiences and lessons learned with such a diverse audience. I am honored to be among the elite set of business leaders that have appeared on this show.”

The Villanova School of Business is ranked among the top 20 undergraduate schools in the nation and has been at the forefront of business education since it was founded in 1922. The Villanova School of Business is nationally recognized for its academic quality at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. In the Villanova tradition, Augustinian values including social responsibility and ethical leadership are infused throughout VSB curricula. VSB offers six graduate programs—including an MBA and EMBA—and undergraduate programs in accounting, economics, and business administration..

Executive Leaders Radio is the greater Philadelphia Regions #1 business news radio station. WWBD 860-AM has a potential audience of 6.7 million listeners in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware and provides listeners with a good sense of what makes success.

Radio Clip of Dean Danko

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