Villanova School of Business Alumna and CBS Radio Host, Lisa Chase, Returns to Campus to Host a Live Program, “The Political Chick,” from an MBA Classroom

VILLANOVA, PA, March 26, 2010—Lisa Chase, host of CBS Radio’s “The Political Chick,” returned to her Villanova roots on Monday, March 22 to talk international business with Villanova MBA students. Chase, a 1993 graduate of the Villanova School of Business (VSB), broadcasted her show live from an International Marketing classroom.

“The Political Chick” brings experts and audiences together to analyze issues pertaining to the national and international political climate. Appearing on Monday’s show, as a featured guest, was Villanova University (VU) alumnus and international business strategist Ron Cruse. Cruse VU ’77 is the author of Lies, Bribes, and Peril: Lessons for the REAL Challenges of International Business. During the program, Cruse and the MBA students shared candid thoughts on the future of social media and probed emergent business issues, such as new health care reform marketing and the global economy.

At the conclusion of the Villanova broadcast, Chase reflected on both her passion for the university and its vibrant student body. "I was thrilled to return to the business school and Bartley Hall. More impressive, however, was the quality of MBA students who demonstrated in-depth knowledge and analysis of the various globalization topics we covered,” said Chase. “It's a wonderful reflection of this great institution and I was proud to once again witness the tradition of academic excellence Villanova continues to uphold year after year."

“Having Lisa return to Villanova for a live broadcast of “The Political Chick” was an extraordinary opportunity for our students,” said Professor Charles Taylor, a member of the Marketing & Business Law department at VSB. “It was rewarding to see students engage in a dialogue with Lisa and showcase their understanding of key issues in international business.”

Please click here to view “The Political Chick” show at Villanova.

Hosted by Lisa Chase, “The Political Chick” bridges experts and audiences together to sift through the facts and analyze various topics pertaining to the national and international political climate. Host Lisa Chase helps individuals navigate through the plethora of information regarding the economy, immigration, national security, education and day-to-day issues affected by politics, such as real estate and finance.

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