VSB Welcomes New Faculty Members

VILLANOVA, PA, 24 August 2008—The Villanova School of Business is pleased to announce the appointment of five new faculty members: Lynn Brooks, Dean Diavatopoulos, Christopher Kilby, Patrick Maggitti, and Quinetta Roberson. VSB is committed to providing a world-class business education to all VSB students. To do this, VSB must have the best and brightest faculty—those who are top-level researchers as well as caring and dedicated teachers. These new VSB faculty members bring this commitment to life through their exceptional scholarship and the national recognition they have earned in their fields.

Lynn Brooks, Assistant Professor of Management

Lynn Brooks earned her master’s degree at Villanova University and her PhD at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Brooks’s areas of expertise include leadership development, leadership and diversity strategies, changes in organizational culture, and international management. Her current research focuses on corporate leadership development.

Prior to her VSB appointment, Brooks served as a Villanova University adjunct faculty member. Her professional career also has included 15 years in international corporate management roles. Additionally, Brooks has served as an international corporate consultant and speaker with her sister, Donna Brooks, EdD, with whom she has authored three books published by McGraw-Hill: Ten Secrets of Successful Leaders: The Strategies, Skills, and Knowledge Leaders at Every Level Need to Succeed (2005), Ten Secrets of Successful Men That Women Want to Know (2002), and Seven Secrets of Successful Women: Success Strategies of the Women Who Have Made It—And How You Can Follow Their Lead (1997).

At VSB, Brooks will teach courses including International Comparative Management, Management Essentials, and Business Dynamics at the undergraduate level, and Leadership and Team Building in the MBA program.

Dean Diavatopoulos, Assistant Professor of Finance

Dean Diavatopoulos earned his master’s degree in statistics and his PhD in finance at Florida State University. His areas of expertise include investments, empirical asset pricing, and derivatives. His current research focuses on these topics, as well as corporate and behavioral finance. Diavatopoulos is a member of the Phi Kappa Phi honor society and serves as a referee for Review of Futures Markets.

Diavatopoulos has published in academic journals including The Journal of Futures Markets. His industry experience includes positions at the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. His teaching goals are to integrate relevant financial research and news into the classroom, and to provide his students with learning experiences rich in real-world insights and hands-on projects.

At VSB, Diavatopoulos will teach courses including Fixed Income Markets and Valuation.


Christopher Kilby, Associate Professor of Economics

Christopher Kilby earned his undergraduate degree at Harvard University and his PhD at Stanford University. His areas of expertise and current research topics include development economics and positive political economy with a focus on international development assistance. Specifically, Kilby is conducting empirical research on the role of domestic politics and the War on Terror in shaping US foreign aid, the impact of donor behavior on aid effectiveness, and how donor country interests influence international organizations such as the World Bank.

Prior to his VSB appointment, Kilby was associate professor of economics at Vassar College. He has also been a visiting scholar at the Wharton School of Business and at Stanford University. Kilby has published extensively, served as a consultant to the World Bank, and is on the Review of International Organizations editorial board.

Kilby’s teaching repertoire includes Principles, Intermediate Theory, Econometrics, Development Economics, and International Economics.


Patrick Maggitti, Assistant Professor of Management & Entrepreneurship

Research Director, VSB Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship (ICE) Strategic Initiative Group

Patrick Maggitti earned his MBA at Johns Hopkins University and his PhD in strategic management and entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland. His areas of expertise and current research topics include strategic management, innovation, entrepreneurship, decision making, and market and nonmarket-based competition.

Prior to his VSB appointment, Maggitti served as an assistant professor at Temple University—where he was the chairperson for the PhD program in strategy and entrepreneurship and academic chair of the entrepreneurship program—and at St. Joseph’s University, where he was rated the top teacher in management. At the University of Maryland, Maggitti received the Krowe Teaching award for excellence in teaching. In addition, he brings a wealth of entrepreneurial and corporate experience to VSB. He has served as a chief executive officer and board member in the steel and mining industries, where he founded two successful companies.

Maggitti has published extensively in journals including the Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Executive, and Employment Relations Today, and has authored chapters in numerous textbooks.

At VSB, Maggitti will serve as research director of the multidisciplinary Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship (ICE) Strategic Initiative Group, and will teach courses including Policy Formulation and Administration.


Quinetta Roberson, Professor of Management

Quinetta Roberson earned her MBA in finance at the University of Pittsburgh and her PhD in organizational behavior at the University of Maryland. Her areas of expertise include organizational behavior and human resource management. Her current research focuses on strategic diversity management and organizational justice within groups and teams.

Prior to her VSB appointment, Roberson served as an associate professor at Cornell University, where she won numerous research and teaching honors including the Faculty Research Award from the School of Hotel Administration; the General Mills Award for Innovation in Teaching; James A. Perkins Prize for Interracial Understanding & Harmony Honorable Mention; and the Fraternity and Sorority Community Outstanding Faculty Award. Roberson has also served as a visiting professor at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy.

Roberson has published extensively in top journals including the Academy of Management Review, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, and the Journal of Applied Psychology, and has corporate experience as a financial analyst and small business development consultant. In addition, Roberson is an associate editor for the Journal of Applied Psychology and has served on the editorial boards of Personnel Psychology, Academy of Management Review, and the Journal of Organizational Behavior.

At VSB, Roberson will teach courses including Human Resource Management.

Lynn Brooks, PhD

Lynn Brooks, PhD

Dean Diavatopoulos, PhD

Dean Diavatopoulos, PhD

Chris Kilby, PhD

Chris Kilby, PhD

Patrick Maggitti, PhD

Patrick Maggitti, PhD

Quinetta Roberson, PhD

Quinetta Roberson, PhD

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