Seventh Annual Mid-Atlantic Research Conference - 2012

Registration and Coffee Session
Opening Remarks
8:45 Dean’s Welcome

Market Microstructure Session:  Chair: Sandra Mortal, SEC / U. of Memphis

To Pay or be Paid? The Impact of Taker Fees and Order Flow Inducements on Trading Costs in U.S. Options Markets
Robert Battalio, U. of Notre Dame, Andriy Shkilko, Wilfrid Laurier U., and Robert Van Ness, U. of Mississippi

  James Upson, U. of Texas-El Paso

Sunshine trading: Flashes of trading intent at the NASDAQ
Johannes A. Skjeltorp, Norges Bank,
Elvira Sojli, Erasmus U. / Duisenberg School of Finance, and
Wing Wah Tham, Erasmus U.

Y.C. Loon, Binghamton U.

10:30 Coffee Break

Investments Session:  Chair: Yoon Shin, Loyola U., Maryland

Determinants and Implications of Fee Changes in the Hedge Fund Industry
Vikas Agarwal, Georgia State U., and Sugata Ray, U. of Florida

David Nanigian, American College

Can Credit Risk be Hedged in Equity Markets?
Xuan Che, U., U. of Massachusetts, Amherst, and
Nikunj Kapadia, U. of Massachusetts, Amherst

Brad Goldie, Pennsylvania State U.

12:15 Lunch and Keynote Speaker
Albert “Pete” Kyle, University of Maryland

Corporate Finance Session:  Chair: Fred Bereskin, U. of Delaware

Does Security Choice Matter in Venture Capital?  The Case of Venture Debt
Indraneel Chakraborty, Southern Methodist U., and
Michael Ewens, Carnegie Mellon U.

  Doron Levit, U. of Pennsylvania

Unethical Executives and Corporate Misbehavior
Lee Biggerstaff, U. of Tennessee, David C. Cicero, U. of Tennessee, and
Andy Puckett, U. of Tennessee

   Yung-Yu Ma, Lehigh U.

3:00 Coffee Break

Financial Institutions Session:  Chair: Ben Sopranzetti, Rutgers U.

How did the crisis in international funding markets affect bank lending?  Balance sheet evidence from the U.K.
Shekhar Aiyar, International Monetary Fund

Oleg Sokolinskiy, Rutgers U.

The Cross-Market Spillover of Economic Shocks through Multi-Market Banks
Jose Berrospide, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System,
Lamont Black, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, and
William Keeton, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

   Ben Sopranzetti, Rutgers U.

4:45 Reception