Sixth Annual Mid-Atlantic Research Conference - 2011

Registration and Coffee Session
Opening Remarks
8:45 Dean’s and Senior Associate Dean’s Welcome

Track Chair: Amit Seru, U of Chicago
Corporate Finance Session:
Chair:  Paul Hanouna, Villanova U.

The Price of Street Friends: Social Networks, Informed Trading, and Shareholder Costs

Jie Cai, Drexel U., Ralph Walkling, Drexel U., and Ke Yang, Lehigh U.

Sandra Mortal, SEC / U. of Memphis

Individual Political Contributions and Firm Performance
Alexei V. Ovtchinnikov, Vanderbilt U., and Eva Pantaleoni, Vanderbilt U.
Discussant: Fred Bereskin, U. of Delaware

Board Structure and Monitoring: New Evidence from CEO Turnover
Lixiong Guo, Vanderbilt U., Ron Masulis, U. of New South Wales
Discussant: Tina Yang, Villanova U.

10:45 Coffee Break

Track Chair: Lin Peng, Baruch College / CUNY
Market Microstructure Session:
Chair: Lin Peng, Baruch College / CUNY

Short Selling: The Impact of SEC Rule 201 of 2010

Chinmay Jain, U. of Memphis, Pankaj Jain, U. of Memphis, and Thomas H. McInish, U. of Memphis

Paul Bennett, Rutgers U.

Did CDS Trading Improve the Market for Corporate Bonds?
Sanjiv Das, Santa Clara U.,  Madhu Kalimipalli, Wilfrid Laurier U., and Subhankar Nayak, Wilfrid Laurier U.
Discussant: Xing Zhou, Rutgers U.

12:15 Lunch and Keynote Speaker
Anjan Thakor, Washington University

Track Chair: Ronnie Sadka (Boston College)
Investments Session: 
Chair: Gjergi Cici, College of William & Mary

Do Investors Care about Risk? Evidence from Mutual Fund Flows

Christopher P. Clifford, U. of Kentucky, Jon A. Fulkerson, Loyola U. Maryland,Bradford D. Jordan, U. of Kentucky, and Steve R. Waldman, U. of Kentucky

Xiaoxia Lou, U. of Delaware

The Expected Real Return to Equity
Missaka Warusawitharana, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Nikunj Kapadia, U. of Massachusetts/Amherst

Why Do Firms File for Confidential Treatment?
Yang Cao, U. at Buffalo

 Sugata Ray, U. of Florida

3:15 Coffee Break

Track Chair: Paul Kupiec, FDIC
Financial Institutions Session: 
Chair: Michael Pagano, Villanova U.

The changing face of monetary policy implementation: The federal funds and repo markets before, during, and after the financial crisis

Morten Bech, FRB of New York, Elizabeth Klee, Board of Governors of the FRS, and Viktors Stebunovs, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Stacy Beck, U. of Delaware

Lender Exposure and Effort in the Syndicated Loan Market
Nada Mora, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Claire Rosenfeld, College of William & Mary

4:45 Reception