Second Annual Mid-Atlantic Research Conference - 2007

8:15 Registration and Coffee Session
8:40 Opening Remarks
8:45 Dean's Welcome and Remarks

Corporate Governance Session: Chair: Adi Mordel, Drexel University

Electing Directors
Jie Cai, Drexel University, Jacqueline Garner, Drexel University, and Ralph Walkling, Drexel University
Paul Hanouna, Villanova University

Governance Mechanisms and Effective Activism: Evidence from Shareholder Proposals on Poison Pills
Mireia Gine, U. of Pennsylvania, and Rabih Moussawi, U. of Pennsylvania
Anne Anderson, Lehigh University

Board Meetings and Firm Value
Ivan Brick, Rutgers University, and N. K. Chidambaran, Rutgers University
Pornsit Jiraporn, Penn State – Great Valley

10:30 Coffee Break

Financial Institutions and Markets Session: Chair: Joseph Mason, Drexel U.

Implicit Recourse and Credit Card Securitizations: What do Fraud Losses Reveal?
Todd Vermilyea, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Elizabeth Webb, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Andrew Kish, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Stav Gaon, Citigroup Global Markets Inc.

Real Estate Risk Effects on Financial Institutions’ Stock Return Distribution: A Bivariate GARCH Analysis
Elyas Elyasiani, Temple University, Iqbal Mansur, Widener University, and Jill Wetmore, Saginaw Valley State University

Shawn Howton, Villanova University

Trading, Price Setting and Volatility in Equity Markets under Divergent Expectations and Adaptive Valuations
Jacob Paroush, Bar Ilan University Robert Schwartz, Baruch College / CUNY Avner Wolf, Baruch College / CUNY

Hülya K.K. Eraslan, U. of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School


Lunch and Keynote Speaker

Banks, Markets, and Liquidity
Franklin Allen, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School


Investments Session: Chair: David Nawrocki, Villanova University

A Closer Look at Mutual Fund Advisory Fees
D. Bruce Johnsen, George Mason U.

Michael Boldin, U. of Pennsylvania

The Index Fund Rationality Paradox
Michael Boldin, U. of Pennsylvania Gjergi Cici, College of William and Mary

Yoon Shin, Loyola U. - Maryland

Information Acquisition, Cost of Capital and International Equity Co-movement
Qingqing Chen, Cornell University

Paul Zurek, U. of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School

2:45 Coffee Break

Corporate Finance Session: Chair: Jacqueline Garner, Drexel University

The Effect of APR Violations on the Seniority and Timing of Debt Issuance
Arturo Bris, IMD, Lausanne S. Abraham Ravid, Rutgers U. Ron Sverdlove, Rutgers U.
Michael Gombola, Drexel University

The Importance of Catering Incentives: Growth or Profitability?
Denys Glushkov, U. Pennsylvania

Meg Luo, Villanova University

Visit to Villanova’s Applied Finance Lab (Room 25 on the ground floor)
4:30 Wine and Beer Reception in the Faculty/Staff Lounge