First Mid-Atlantic Research Conference - 2006

8:15 Registration and Coffee Session
8:40 Opening Remarks
8:45 Dean's Welcome and Remarks
Dean James Danko

Financial Institutions Session: Chair: William Lang, FRB-Philadelphia

Institutional Ownership Persistence and BHC Performance
Elyas Elyasiani, Temple University, and Jingyi Jia, Temple University
Ben Sopranzetti, Rutgers University

Banks in the Securities Business: Market-based Risk Implications of Section 20 Subsidiaries
Victoria Geyfman, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and Bloombsurg U.
Carlos Ramirez, George Mason University

Courts and Contractual Innovation: A Preliminary Analysis
Mitchell Berlin, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, and Yaron Leitner, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Wen Mao, Villanova University

10:30 Coffee Break

Corporate Finance Session: Chair: Joseph Mason, Drexel University

Stock Price Response to Calls of Convertible Bonds: Still a Puzzle
Ivan Brick, Rutgers University, Oded Palmon, Rutgers University, and Dilip K. Patro, Rutgers University

Jacqueline Garner, Drexel University

Bidder Returns and Merger Anticipation: Evidence from Banking Deregulation
David A. Becher, Drexel University

Paul Hanouna, Villanova University

The Effect of Banking Relationships on the Future of Financially Distressed Firms
Claire M. Rosenfeld, University of Minnesota

Discussant: Morris Danielson, St. Joseph’s University

12:15 Lunch and Keynote Speaker
David Denis, Purdue University

Investments Session: Chair: David Babbel, Villanova University / Wharton School

ADR Holdings of U.S. Based Emerging Market Funds
Reena Aggarwal, Georgetown U., Sandeep Dahiya, Georgetown U., and Leora Klapper, World Bank

Anne Anderson, Lehigh University

Does Motivation Matter When Assessing Trade Performance? An Analysis of Mutual Funds
Gordon J. Alexander, U. of Minnesota, Gjergji Cici, Wharton School, and Scott Gibson, Cornell University

Leo Chan, Delaware State University

A Bifurcation Model of Non-Stationary Markets
David Nawrocki, Villanova University, and Tonis Vaga, Janus Research

Discussant: David Babbel, Villanova University / Wharton School

2:30 Coffee Break

Market Microstructure Session: Chair: Michael Pagano, Villanova University

Limited Attention and the Allocation of Effort in Securities Trading
Shane A. Corwin, U. of Notre Dame, and Jay F. Coughenour, U. of Delaware
Rajneesh Sharma, St. Joseph’s University

Paying for Market Quality
Amber Anand, U. of Central Florida, Carsten Tanggaard, Aarhus School of Business, and Daniel Weaver, Rutgers U.

Jeffrey Harris, U. of Delaware

Dispersed Trading and the Prevention of Market Failure: The Case of the Copenhagen Stock Exchange
David C. Porter, U. of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Carsten Tanggaard, Aarhus School of Business, Daniel Weaver, Rutgers U., and Wei Yu, Rutgers University

Kenneth Small, Loyola U. of Maryland


How to Incorporate Behavioral Finance Findings in the Classroom (Panel Session)

Moderator: Leo Chan, Delaware State University

Panelists: Jay Coughenour, University of Delaware, David Nawrocki, Villanova University, and Jason D. Pride, CFA, The Haverford Trust Company

5:00 Wine and Beer Reception in the Faculty/Staff Lounge