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Tuition and Financial Aid


The 2020-21 academic year tuition for the entire program is $49,050 or $1,635 per credit. The university also assesses a $50 general fee each semester.

Please note that if you require additional coursework beyond the standard curriculum, your tuition costs will be higher.


The Villanova School of Business is pleased to offer merit scholarships to academically and professionally accomplished students. Scholarship offers and award amounts will be determined by a holistic review of the application for admission and thorough evaluation of a variety of indicators, including (but not limited to) rigor of coursework, undergraduate GPA, and standardized test scores. Once admitted, interested individuals must submit thes Scholarship Request Form, which will appear on the applicant's Application Status Page after viewing their admissions decision. Once submitted, the request will be reviewed for merit award eligibility.

Financial Aid

Information regarding financial assistance available to graduate students may be obtained from the Villanova University Office of Financial Assistance.


The MSF Fellows Program is an assistantship that allows students to pursue their MSF degree on a full-time basis, free of tuition charges, while obtaining paid research experience with faculty members. 

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Master of Science in Finance Program