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Student Organizations

The Villanova School of Business incorporates a variety of professional student groups and associations that Graduate Business Students are welcome to join and contribute to, while gaining exposure to the broad reach of the Villanova network. For a full list of business societies, click here.

Accounting Society
The Accounting Society allows students to explore this field of study, as well as career opportunities that are available in the workplace. There are weekly meetings that include visits from accounting industry professionals, career counselors, and alumni. Society members attend special events and participate in office visits at accounting firms and corporations near Philadelphia and New York.

Finance Society
The Corporate Finance Society was created to give students an outlet to keep updated on developments related to the financial industry. We seek to bring a variety of speakers to Villanova University in order to expose the student body to different aspects of corporate finance. We hope to better prepare students for the workplace by enhancing their awareness of current events in finance, institutional knowledge, and skills for interviewing.

Equity Society
The Villanova Equity Society is Villanova's only student-run organization that actively manages a portfolio of equity securities. The society's mission is to provide opportunities for students interested in obtaining real-world investment experience. Analysts perform in-depth analysis of equity securities while utilizing the Gmelich Lab for Financial Markets.

Mergers & Acquisitions Society
The mission of the Mergers & Acquisitions Society is to provide students a profound insight into the world of deal-making and the merger and acquisition process

Real Estate Society
The purpose of the Villanova Real Estate Society is to offer students the opportunity to learn from real estate professionals, professors, and alumni through various sponsored events. The society focuses on commercial real estate, investment, development, management, finance, and provides access to jobs and internships.

Villanova Entrepreneurship Society
Utilizing its close relationship with the Villanova University Entrepreneurial program, the Villanova Entrepreneurial Society educates and creates opportunities for the Villanova community in entrepreneurship and new ventures.

Villanova Technical Analysis Group (VTAG)
The Villanova Technical Analysis group teaches business students and others interested in learning about how private and commercial investors actually trade stocks, currencies, and commodities. Unlike the Equity Society, which uses long term fundamental analysis, the Technical Analysis Group maintains its focus on short and long-term technical analysis. This form of analysis is the most commonly used method of analysis on the Mercantile Exchange, the Foreign Exchange, and is equally popular as fundamental analysis on Wall Street.

Wall Street Society
Our goal is to keep members informed on current events, to help prepare them for job interviews and classroom discussions, and to discover how seemingly unrelated events are connected.

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