Global Opportunities

VSB-Online-and-Flex-Track-MBA-students-in-South Africa

VSB Online and Flex Track MBA students in South Africa for their Global Practicum

Global Practicum

We don’t have to stress the value of a global business perspective, which is why we’ve added the Global Practicum into our curriculum. This course is designed to enrich a student’s awareness of the geographic, economic, political, social, cultural, and competitive factors that shape strategic decision-making in a global marketplace. In this final capstone experience, students partner with a multinational corporation and assist in exploring possible solutions to a market issue it is currently facing.

At the start of the course, a member of the company’s senior management team presents the challenge and answers students’ questions. In the 14 weeks that follow, students conduct research and then visit with company employees during a one-week immersion at an international site to increase their understanding of the local market environment. Throughout this experience, dedicated internal consultants comprised of alumni and local professionals team with the students to provide additional advice and guidance as they formulate their recommendations.

Some of the locations our students have traveled to for the Global Practicum include:

  • India
  • Budapest/Prague
  • Argentina/Chile
  • South Africa
  • Hong Kong/Vietnam
  • Spain/Morocco
  • Israel (beginnning Spring 2019)

Budapest and Prague Global Practicum

Watch Villanova MBA students' experience during their Global Practicum in Budapest and Prague.

Argentina Global Practicum

Watch a one-day highlight of the Global Practicum in Argentina with Villanova MBA students.

India Global Practicum

Watch Villanova MBA students' experience during their Global Practicum in India.



JP Morgan
US Embassy
Pepsi Co.

IMB Espana
SAB Miller - Dreher Breweries

Pilsner Urquell
Radisson Blu Alcron


Fast Track students are required to participate in the international immersion, which takes place over spring break in the second year of their program. The Global Consulting Practicum is also offered every semester in a domestic format, an option designed to provide flexibility for students who are unable to travel. Participation is optional for Flex Track students.

Elective International Immersions

In addition to traditional electives, the Villanova MBA program includes several international immersion electives to provide students additional opportunities to expand their global mindset. Held over the winter break or in the summer semester, these electives take an in-depth look at a country’s business and cultural environment, and include a two-week immersion experience.

International electives have included immersions to:

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Milan, Italy
  • Belgium and Poland, The European Union
  • Shanghai and Beijing, The People’s Republic of China

Prior to their departure, students participate in classroom discussions on local business practices and cultural norms in preparation for their experience. These academic lessons continue in country and are coupled with corporate, governmental, and cultural visits.