Peer Learning

The caliber of students with whom you will share the program’s 19 months is unmatched. Each individual brings a depth of experience to our highly interactive community. Not only will you learn from the diverse perspectives of your cohort, but you will also develop close bonds that last long beyond graduation.

Villanova Executive MBA students are carefully selected to include a diverse mix of professionals. We ensure that our students can handle the academic rigor of the program, have the depth of experience to contribute substantively in a highly interactive learning environment, and have the desire to be an active and motivated member of our learning community.

Our classroom is often referred to as an incubator – a safe space intended to foster what our professors call “structured discovery.” They consider the classroom a place to bring ideas, share experiences and discuss work challenges and special projects. The spontaneous, robust and often passionate discussions that ensue complement and supplement the desired learning outcomes.

Executive MBA - Collaborative Learning Environment

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