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The Seven Step Partnership Process

Villanova Executive Education sets itself apart by committing to a model that is based on providing cutting-edge staff support, superior faculty, and practical strategies that have been proven to drive positive organizational change. The following process demonstrates our commitment to personalized service and outlines the steps toward a successful partnership.

flow chart describing the partnership process

VSB works with the client to complete a needs assessment to understand the program’s objectives, including learning outcomes, participant backgrounds, success measures, and how the program fits into overall organizational strategy.

Faculty engage in industry and academic research. Through work with executive leaders and based on information gathered in the partnership phase, faculty prepare to bring the application of that research to the classroom.

Step 3: DESIGN
Cutting-edge content is generated and merged with client-specific business challenges. An innovative design is proposed and refined based on client feedback and results in a customized program that fits stated client objectives.

A classroom environment is created which promotes and encourages applied learning so that participants are able to create immediate and ongoing value for their organization.

Step 5: ASSESS
Assessment occurs in real time—ensuring that changes are made during the delivery phase that are responsive to feedback from participants and/or newly gathered competitive intelligence that may impact program content or context.

Success is achieved when learning is translated into action across an organization. Participants continue to transform the way they approach and solve problems as they actively transfer learning to the teams they manage and influence.

Step 7: IMPACT
After the program concludes, VSB analyzes the impact of the engagement based upon success measures set forth in the partner phase. An appropriate follow-up plan is suggested that promotes continued learning and aligns with organizational strategy.

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