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The Fast and Flex programs both follow a 48-credit curriculum.

Fast Track students must follow the course sequence designated in their course progression sheets. All Flex Track students must follow the below course sequence to complete the program. A sample of the course progression can be seen in the sample below. 

MBA Fundamentals
MBA 8050 MBA Primer must be completed in the student’s first semester.

Functional Core

Functional core courses must be completed before students register for electives OR students may take electives in the semester they are completing their functional core course if the elective course is not in the same subject area as the functional core course.

MBA 8150 Performance Management and Reporting; A Global Accounting Perspective and MBA 8350 Analyzing and Leveraging Data must be completed before MBA 8450 Corporate Finance.

VSB Pillars
VSB Pillars may be taken with functional core and elective courses, but must be completed before taking capstone courses.

Capstone courses should be taken at the end of the program. MBA 8910 Social Enterprise Consulting Practicum must be completed prior to MBA 8920 Global Practicum and MBA 8930 Global Strategic Management.

MBA 8930 Global Strategic Management must be completed prior to or taken concurrently with MBA 8920 Global Practicum. 

Students are required to complete 15 credits of electives by taking 1.5-credit or 3-credit courses. This is also an opportunity for students to pursue a specialization, if interested. Specializations are not listed on the diploma but can be found on the final transcript. Specializations are awarded to students who take a minimum of 7.5 credits of elective credits within one of the below subject areas:

  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • International Business
  • Marketing
  • Management Information Systems
  • Real Estate
  • Strategic Management
  • Analytics
  • Sustainability
  • Cybersecurity

Independent Study

For students looking to expand their knowledge in an area not covered in a VSB elective, the opportunity exists to create and execute an independent study within this unique area of interest. For more information, please see Proposals for Independent Study.