Management & Operations

The Management & Operations faculty at VSB have made important contributions in their research endeavors and is well known in their fields, both nationally and internationally. Their research interests include strategic management, leadership and teams, entrepreneurship and innovation, international business, corporate social responsibility and business ethics, human resource management, operations and supply chain management, healthcare, and business analytics.

Recent Faculty Distinctions

Narda Quigley was selected to serve as the Management department chair at the Villanova School of Business
Quinetta Roberson

was selected to serve as the Program Director for the Science of Organizations at the National Science Foundation (NSF)
John Pearce was selected to serve on the Peer Review Committee for the Fulbright Specialist Program
Jonathan Doh won the McDonough Family Faculty Award
Nicholas Rongione received the Daniel J. O'Mara Villanova School of Business Faculty Award

Scott Newbert was named the Harry Halloran Emerging Scholar in Social Entrepreneurship
Quinetta Roberson was named the Allan Nash Distinguished Doctoral Graduate Award by the University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business

James Klingler received the Meyer ICE Award
Patrick Maggitti received the Academy of Management IDEA Award in the category of "Thought Leadership" for best paper published in the field of entrepreneurship in 2008

John Pearce was recognized as one the most influential authors in business management by Journal of Management
Debra Arvanites won the Villanova University Faculty Award for Innovative Teaching

Quinetta Roberson won the Best Paper Award, Group and Organization Management

Recent Publications

Maggitti, P.G., K.G. Smith, and R. Katila. 2012. "The Complex Search Process of Invention." Research Policy.

Maggitti, P.G., K.D. Clark. 2012. "TMT Potency and Strategic Decision-Making in High Technology Firms." Journal of Management Studies.

Maggitti, P.G., Q. Li, K.G. Smith, P.E. Tesluk, and R Katila. 2012. "Top Management Attention to Innovation: The Role of Search Selections and Intensity in New Product Introductions." The Academy of Management Journal.

Newbert SL. 2012. "Marketing amid the uncertainty of the social sector: Do social entrepreneurs follow best marketing practices?" Journal of Public Policy & Marketing.

Wright, P, D and K.M. Bretthauer 2010. "Strategies for Addressing the Nursing Shortage: Coordinated Decision Making and Workforce Flexibility," Decision Sciences.

Myers, Bret. 2012. "A proposed decision rule for the timing of soccer substitutions" Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports.

Newbert SL, Stouder MD. 2012. "Achieving moral capitalism through entrepreneurial justice." Review of Social Economy.

Newbert SL, Tornikoski ET. 2012. "Supporter networks and network growth: A contingency model of organizational emergence." Small Business Economics.

Doh, J.P., Stumpf, S.A., and Tymon, W.G. 2011. "Responsible Leadership Helps Retain Talent in India." Journal of Business Ethics.

Liberatore, M. and T. Miller. 2011. "A Practical Framework for Supply Chain Planning," Supply Chain Management Review.

LiPuma JA, Newbert SL, Doh JP . 2011. "The effect of institutional quality on firm export performance in emerging economies: A contingency model of firm age and size." Small Business Economics.

Newbert SL, Tornikoski ET. 2011. "Resource acquisition in the emergence phase: Considering the effects of embeddedness and dependence." Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice.

Liberatore, M. and W. Luo, 2010. "The Analytics Movement: Implications for Operations Research." Interfaces.

Liberatore, M., T. Coghlan, G. Diehl, E. Karson, W. Luo, R. Nydick, B. Pollack-Johnson, and W. Wagner. 2010. "The Current State of Analytics in the Corporation: The View from Industry Leaders." International Journal of Business Intelligence Research.

Pearce, J.A. 2010. "Entrepreneurial Orientation and the Performance of Religious Congregations as Predicted by Rational Choice Theory." Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice.

Pearce, J.A. 2010. "Satisfaction with Firm Performance in Family Businesses." Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice.

Pearce, J.A. 2010. "What Execs Don't Get About Office Romance." MIT-Sloan Management Review.

Hahn, E.D., Doh, J.P., & Bunyaratavej, K. 2009. "The Evolution Of Risk in IS Offshoring: The Impact of Home Country Risk, Firm Learning and Competitive Dynamics." MIS Quarterly.

Oetzel, J., & Doh, J.P. 2009. "Multinational Enterprise and Development: A Review and Reconceptualization." Journal of World Business.

Thought Leadership

Management & Operations faculty members publish in the following journals:

  • Academy of Management Journal
  • Academy of Management Review
  • Strategic Management Journal
  • Journal of Applied Psychology
  • Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes
  • Organization Science
  • Organizational Research Methods
  • Management Science
  • Decision Sciences
  • Journal of International Business Studies
  • Journal of Business Venturing
  • Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
  • Personnel Psychology
  • Journal of Management Studies
  • Group and Organization Management
  • Sloan Management Review
  • Organizational Dynamics
  • Long Range Planning

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