Research & Publications

Research is sparked by intellectual curiosity and enriched by interactions with other scholars and business leaders around the globe. In addition to working with colleagues in their primary academic areas, many of our faculty members are engaged in multidisciplinary work within VSB or collaborate with faculty from other schools or departments. We have more than 90 scholars, researchers, and teachers who consistently contribute to leading journals and publications in every discipline of business. Each faculty member is dedicated to educating both undergraduate and graduate students in addition to pursuing their own research initiatives.

Many VSB faculty are recognized experts whose work is published in elite journals including:

  •  The Accounting Review
  •  Academy of Management Journal
  •  Economic Inquiry
  •  Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control
  •  Journal of Financial Economics
  •  Journal of International Business Studies
  •  Review of Financial Studies
  •  Organization Science
  •  Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes
  •  Strategic Management Journal

Many VSB faculty serve as editors and associate editors of elite journals including:

  •  Academy of Management Learning and Education
  •  Business and Society
  •  Information Systems Management (ISM) Journal
  •  International Journal of Advertising
  •  Journal of Public Policy and Marketing
  •  Journal of Applied Psychology
  • Journal of World Business
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