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Educational Programs

The Moran Center for Global Leadership supports a range of VSB educational initiatives. These activities integrate the tools and best practices of responsible global leadership into VSB's undergraduate, graduate, and executive education programs. These initiatives include the following:

Creating Partnerships

VSB partners with Vanguard, KPMG, Logenix, Rolls Royce, Ernst & Young and others to enhance VSB students’ international career experiences.

Global Leadership Fellows Program

The Global Leadership Fellows Program (GLF) is designed to provide students with an opportunity to emphasize and integrate global leadership throughout their undergraduate experience. GLF includes special curricular and extracurricular offerings that encourage increased international study and support the pursuit of careers in global business. Students who fulfill the GLF Program requirements are awarded a certificate that names them life-long VSB Global Leadership Fellows. GLF students will be paired with a mentor from the Center for Global Leadership Advisory Council.

Why Participate?

Students who engage in the GLF Program will develop global leadership skills, learn to navigate the complexities of conducting business internationally, and gain an understanding of how specific business disciplines manifest in different cultural settings. In addition to acquiring greater international experience and enhancing resumes, participants will be better positioned to succeed in international business careers.

Program Requirements

  • Participate in the Global Citizens Program in in the spring semester of freshman year and in one additional study abroad, preferably in a developing or emerging market, or complete two study abroad experiences, preferably one in a developing or emerging market.
  • Successfully must complete the following courses:
    • MGT 2360 Global Leadership
    • At least one class related to globalization through the College of Arts and Sciences to satisfy core requirements
    • Specially-designed (Honors) section of VSB 4002 Strategic Thinking and Implementation, emphasizing global context
  • Satisfy the requirements for the International Business co-major.
  • Confirm graduation requirements with Kim Cahill

Participants in the Global Citizens Program will be invited to participate in the Global Leadership Fellows Program. Other interested students are encouraged to apply through the Moran Center for Global Leadership. For additional information, please contact Kim Cahill, Director, Center for Global Leadership, Bartley 2059, 610-519-3906

New Curriculum Emphasizes Global Themes/Courses

VSB’s new undergraduate and graduate curricula place a strong emphasis on global themes, practices, and global leadership development. For undergraduates, global content is emphasized in the required Business Dynamics and Competitive Effectiveness courses. The required Global Political Economy course – which replaces International Economics – is a dynamic survey of the broad global political economy with special emphasis on the emerging regions and countries in Asia, Latin America, and Central Europe.

Sponsoring Topical Forums

The Moran Center for Global Leadership sponsors a variety of topical forums, often in conjunction with other student organizations or Centers of Excellence. Some of the topics addressed include fair trade practices, recent developments and best practices of ethics and corporate governance, and socially responsible investing.

Incorporating Globally Responsible Leadership in Graduate and Executive Education

VSB faculty members and members of the center’s advisory council developed cases, role-playing exercises, and other innovative methods to educate students about difficult situations that leaders confront involving ethics, values, and stakeholder conflicts.

Developing the Executive Speakers’ Bureau

The Moran Center for Global Leadership identifies executives—many of whom are members of its advisory council—who participate in classroom discussions with undergraduate, graduate, and executive MBA students. The executives offer their time and perspectives to enhance the students’ exposure to the challenges of globally responsible leadership.

Curricular and Program Development Grants

The Moran Center for Global Leadership is pleased to offer a program for the support of faculty and administrators committed to undertaking curricular and/or program development related to global business. Faculty grants are limited to a $1000 honorarium and $500 in expenses, except in exceptional circumstances. The center is prepared to provide funding on a competitive basis for the following faculty activities:

  1. Development of a new undergraduate or graduate course in which global business perspectives and issues are prominent.
  2. Substantial revisions or modification of an existing course in which global business perspectives and issues are prominent.
  3. Development of a new or modification of an existing summer (or winter) study abroad program, with priority given to those programs that are consistent with the center’s and VSB’s global strategy which place priority on the developing and emerging market countries and that include an internship or other applied experience.
  4. Development of a new or modification of an existing course-related trip (undergraduate or MBA), with priority given to those programs that are consistent with the center’s and VSB’s global strategy which place priority on the developing and emerging market countries and that include an internship or other applied experience.

The Center funding policies:

  1. A short proposal must be submitted outlining the activity, amount requested and use.
  2. The center will consider other funding proposals on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Faculty may submit one funding proposal during any academic year.
  4. All award recipients will be required to submit a request for payment, including a short description of the activity and receipts for any expenses incurred.

All VSB full-time faculty and administrators (in the case of program development) may submit a proposal and are invited to do so. Proposals should be sent to Jonathan Doh and will be accepted and funded on a rolling basis.

Critical Incidents in Global Ethics and Corporate Responsibility Grants

VSB is committed to integrating global citizenship, ethical decision-making and concern for global corporate responsibility throughout the undergraduate and graduate business curricula. To support this goal, the Center continues to support members of the Villanova faculty who document, use, and share experiences that shed light on the understanding and resolution of ethical or social responsibility dilemmas in professional situations in the form of in-class exercises. We are especially interested in critical incidents that involve global business issues. All Villanova faculty are eligible for these awards. Critical incidents may involve (among others):

  1. value differences among key leaders or stakeholders or both, especially in the global context;
  2. conflicts over a preference for economic return relative to other performances goals, e.g., ethical or moral values, community support, environmental responsibility, employee well being, public perception, or customer retention, particularly in the global context;
  3. alternative courses of action that are clearly subject to different ethical, legal, or philosophical interpretations, especially those among different country and institutional settings and faced in professional settings or circumstances;
  4. strategic choices that have implications about global social and environmental responsibility.

To earn an award, these critical incidents must meet five conditions. They need to be:

  1. based on some degree of personal or professional knowledge/experience about a professional situation;
  2. documented in the form of a 2-3 page (minimum) critical incident case (format below),
  3. used in an educational venue and reviewed in use by a center or SIG faculty associates;
  4. revised as appropriate with useful documented pedagogical techniques (teaching note); and
  5. shared by being made accessible to others via publication and/or placement on a VSB website.

In order to achieve some continuity and consistency in the format of the cases, we request they be written in the following format. It is especially important that all applicants include a section that describes the pedagogical approach to be employed.

  1. Brief Statement of Proposal
  2. Objective(s) to be Achieved
  3. Basic Disciplinary Content
  4. Relevance to Issues in Global Business Ethics and/or Social Responsibility
  5. Pedagogical Techniques(s) to be Employed (Teaching Note)

Awards will be in the form of $500 honoraria. For outstanding contributions, as reflected in those that become part of publications in a leading pedagogical or scholarly academic journal or are used in a session or workshop delivered at a major national or international conference, the faculty member(s) become eligible for an Annual Outstanding Contribution Award of up to $1,000. Applications should take the form of a cover email, the two to three page critical incident description and a copy of the syllabus or venue in which the exercise will be used, including the date or dates when the exercise will take place. Applications will be reviewed based on responsiveness to the guidelines described above. A faculty member will observe the in-class implementation of the exercise. For full consideration for an award, email the case, in the required format to