Business Dynamics Globalization Panel Features CGL Advisory Council

business dynamics panel

CGL Advisory Council members again served on a series of Business Dynamics Globalization Panels in Fall 2014 including Meredith Altenhofen ‘11 VSB, Visa, Inc.; Steve DeRose ’76 VSB, Unilever (retired); Tom Donnelly ’98 VSB, KPMG; Bob Moran ’72 VSB, PetSmart, Inc. (retired); and Mary Ogle ’09 MBA, Purdue Pharma. DeRose commented, “There is no better way to stimulate the interests of our freshman students than to provide a forum where they can ask questions, engage and gain insights from experienced global business executives on a variety of international topics.”  

The Business Dynamics course emphasizes the overarching purpose of business within society and the manner in which business vision is actualized. The course provides context for students’ business learning experience and integrates global, political, ethical and technological dimensions of business. Business Dynamics serves as the first step in preparing students to become creative and innovative problem solvers, and seeks to develop analytical, business writing, and presentation skills.

The Globalization Panels reached more than 500 VSB freshman and transfer students in their first weeks on campus, and they had an opportunity to learn from international business experts answering a series of questions below and then responding to inquiries from the student audience.

  • What is the most important globalization trend and how is it likely to affect US businesses and their leaders in the coming decades?
  •  What was the most surprising and powerful experience you had when traveling, living or working in another country?  What did you learn from it?
  • What preparation do you recommend for students interested in an international career? 
  • What specific steps can students take to become effective and responsible global leaders?

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